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There Was A 2-Hour Cut Of HBO’s TLOU Episode 3: “I Cried So Hard; It Hurt”

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If the third episode of HBO’s The Last of Us brought tears to your eyes, imagine experiencing another 45 minutes of tap water from the story of Bill and Frank. When showrunner Craig Mazin saw the first director’s cut of the show’s installment on Sunday, it was titled Long, Long Time.

Majin, who wrote the third episode, talks deadline On making Bill and Frank’s story with director Peter Hoare. Mazin explained that after first seeing the two-hour cut of the episode, which was ultimately truncated to 73 minutes, he knew the cast and crew had nailed it.

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“I think it was almost two hours or so when they sent it to me,” Mazin said. I sat down and said, “OK, I’m going to watch the two-hour version of this episode.” I mean, it hurt. I cried so much. It hurt. And I thought…”

When asked about the possibility of seeing this version of the episode, Mazin thanked HBO for letting them drag out a little longer. ‘ added.

GameSpot also had the opportunity to speak with Mazin and Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann. The Last of Us Writers Broke Bill and Frank’s Story, even explores how it deviates from the beloved game. For those unfamiliar, This episode of The Last of Us also confirmed a popular fan theory.

Check out GameSpot for more information. The Last of Us (HBO Show) ReviewThe series is already renewed for season 2.

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