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There Was a “Worst Case Ontario” Category on ‘Jeopardy!’ Last Night

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Published January 31, 2023

Some complain that Ontario is the most “American” of the provinces, but whatever that means, the province with Canada’s capital blossomed in Monday night’s episode . Danger! (January 30).

Named “Worst Case Ontario” (homage trailer park boys), this category tested participants’ knowledge of Ontario’s landmarks, sports, and basic geography. Contestant Sam Meehan started the episode by correctly guessing the $1,000 question. Of course, what is Windsor?

One of the other questions asked about the rivalry between Ottawa senators and the “capital NHLers”. Manitoba doesn’t exist, right?

Ontario’s final question was, “Worst of all, some disgruntled aquatic creature comes out of this Great Lake where Thunder Bay is located,” and contestant Jake DeAruda correctly guessed “Lake Superior.” .

Personally, I think this category could be better. Danger! champion Matthew Roach were still competing – or if Alex Trebek was still with us. Check out the screen for the worst case Ontario question below.

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