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Travel Alberta creates tool to show you where The Last of Us was filmed

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Travel Alberta interactive map Introducing HBO Hits Last of Us The series was filmed in the states.

Powered by Google Maps, this tool features an episode-by-episode breakdown of filming locations for the apocalyptic drama show. A brief description of what the location represents in the series is listed, while the map is updated weekly with each new episode.

For example, the pilot’s pre-pandemic scene with Sarah (Nico Parker) at school was filmed at Calgary’s West Canada High School. Meanwhile, the Home Depot visited by Bill (Nick Offerman) in the acclaimed third episode was actually Lowe’s in Calgary.

talk CBC NewsTravel Alberta noted that some of this data was difficult to obtain given that some scenes were filmed on private property. is to create an itinerary through all nine episodes that can be used to track

Reported game of thrones-esque budget, Last of Us Considered to be the largest television production in Canadian history, it is of particular interest in the province. This means that the series was filmed over the course of a year in cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, High River, Lethbridge and Canmore.

talk mobile syrup last month, series co-creator Craig Mazin, finds that the Alberta landscape perfectly captures the seasonal timeline through which main characters Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) pass. praised.pascal and ramsey He also raves about filming in Alberta Especially shouted Canmore. He was “shocked” that the state was so “clean”. especially compared to America

Last of Us is streaming on Crave.

via: CBC News

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