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Video: A Love Letter to Autumn in ‘August Falls’

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Text and video: Logan Williams

“A beginning has an end. Every time the sun sets, the moon rises. And autumn comes August.”someone is sick

Last winter I had a pretty serious bike withdrawal. I have something to say about not being able to do what you want. what i really want to doThis is also the state of mind in which I am most inspired and creative. So I started thinking about all the videos I want to make over the next year. No matter what I did, I kept coming back to a very simple concept: two friends ripping a trail at sunset, filmed mostly on cable cams and making people want to ride their bikes. It was set as a nostalgic song.

This concept went through quite a few renditions, athletes, and locations before I realized I had overcomplicated the concept and needed to return to its roots. Last spring, with some help from our friends at the UBCO Mountain Bike Club, we were able to revive a local trail that hadn’t been ridden in years (thanks for the original build). Pat McCarter).This trail proves to be a great place to bring this idea to life with the help of a few local shredders Jackson Blake (15) and Cory Fitchett (16). I hope you enjoy this mess. You can use this video to survive the cold, dark winter months just like the previous ones.

Thanks to my friends at the UBCO Mtb Club, I was able to run this trail again.

This video is mainly silvia film Edits of a similar nature. If you want to know what inspired me in the first place, look it up. Thanks to Matty, Dylan, Karl and Ian

big quote “Trail riding with my buddies is one of my favorite things to do, and we tried to recreate that feeling for you through the movies!”Karl Heldt

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