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Watch Power Rangers’ Touching Tribute to Jason David Frank

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Power Ranger Fans around the world are still shocked by the sudden death. Mighty Morphin‘ Star Jason David Frank On his 49th birthday last weekend, tributes poured in from around the world. Power Ranger When super sentai To honor the actor, including an inspiring new video from Hasbro.

Shared by Hasbro “The entire Ranger Nation is deeply saddened by the passing of Jason David Frank,” read part of the statement. “JDF has brought countless smiles to their fans over the years and will be sorely missed.”

Frank is the best but-Are known for Tommy’s debut Mighty Morphin Power Rangers First as a Green and then White Power Ranger, his legacy as a character continued throughout the franchise, continuing to lead the Rangers by: Zeo When turboRed Ranger of, and dino thunderThe Black Ranger — Tribute has it all and more. his recent appearances in the franchise’s anniversary episode.it’s a reminder how many generations Power Ranger Fans were touched by his death, a fitting farewell to the man who helped push the series into the stratosphere in the ’90s Arrival of Tommy.

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