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Which ‘Massive Movie Star’ Did Jessica Simpson Secretly Date

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Released by Jessica Simpson blind items Amazon original story wednesday title Movie Stars: They always say they’re single. In the short story, Simpson briefly recounts being another woman with a “massive movie star” who was her childhood/teenage crush. He claimed there was, but said Getty Images was only investigating him for drugs. “It wasn’t for millions of years that I would be another woman,” she wrote. Eventually, Simpson felt objectified and insulted by Starr and left him. She added, “I didn’t care if he brought my teenage fantasy to life. This wasn’t a choice that the same girl, my younger self, would be proud of.” Good for! But who is this star? What about his lying girlfriend? Take a look at these blinds. Here are some clues:

➽ When Simpson was a teenager, the man was already famous.
➽ Simpson writes that she first met her movie idol J.Lo’s 2001 VMA After PartyShe and Nick Lachey were on a break and this man was ‘undressed’ [her] in his eyes.
newlyweds The star split up for good in 2006, and Simpson was making out with this unnamed superstar at the Beverly Hills Hotel to prepare for the big awards show.
➽ Simpson said the star told his spiritual adviser about her.
➽ He said he was single, but red carpet photos proved that to be untrue.
➽ The movie star invited her to the set of a project directed by someone “known even to the most casual of moviegoers.”

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