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With 16 New Cards, Marvel Snap’s Next Update Is Its Biggest Yet

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The image shows a new Marvel snap card collage that includes Thanos and She-Hulk.

image: Marvel / Second Dinner / Kotaku

marvel snap is expanding with its next big update and upcoming space-themed season. Not only does he get 10+ rare and powerful cards that are new to the game, but his Second Dinner from the developer adds cards. The previously announced Token Shop into the game, players can focus on polishing the specific cards they want to unlock. We also explained how we will reward players who are already advanced in the game and miss out on previous opportunities to earn tokens.

Recently, everyone seems to be talking about playing with that friend. marvel snapAnd I understand why. Free-to-play Card Battler has been my life lately thanks to its colorful cards, 12 small card decks, and incredibly fast 6-turn matchups, all based on Marvel characters and creatures. Random Zone improves all of this. This allows you to change the game so much that it feels different and exciting every time you play. But even with Random Zones and card unlocks, some decks and strategies have grown in popularity lately, so we’re turning things around with 16 powerful new cards and a whole new way to unlock them. It’s a good opportunity to make a new start.

marvel snap dev second dinner announced yesterday A ton of new cards will be brought to the game throughout the next season called ‘The Power Cosmic’. The arch-villain Thanos appears with his Infinity His Stone, leading to him being one of the most interesting and complex cards in the game to date.She-Hulk, eager for her Disney+ show success, will also arrive snap When the next season goes live on December 6th.

Marvel / Second Dinner

When the patch rolls out, the new cards will be split into two new series, or as most players call them pools. These new pools are extremely rare, with Pool 5 cards such as Thanos and Galactus being 10x rarer than Pool 4 (already much rarer to get from random drops than previous pools). However, you don’t need to unlock all of Pool 3 to start searching and unlocking cards in Pools 4 and 5. They will also appear in the Token Shop, allowing players to earn them when the next patch opens.

Here are all the new cards and their features.the information is The latest developer update video for the game When Second dinner blog post:

Series/Pool 4 Cards

  • She-Hulk (6/10) — Costs 1 less for each unspent energy in the previous turn.
  • Absorbing Man (4/3) — On Reveal: If the last card you played had the On Reveal ability, this card copies it.
  • Luke Cage (2/1) — Ongoing: Your card’s power doesn’t decrease.
  • Agent Coulson (3/4) — When Revealed: Add a random 4-cost and 5-cost card to your hand.
  • Helicarrier (6/10) – Add 3 random cards to your hand when you discard this.
  • M’Baku (1/2) — Jumps to a random location if this is in your deck at the end of the game.
  • Attuma (4/10) – If your other card is here at the end of your turn, destroy it.
  • Orka (6/9) — Ongoing: +5 Power if this is your only card.
  • Titania (1/5) – This card switches sides when any card is played at this location.
  • Mariah Hill (2/3) — When Revealed: Add a random cost 1 card to your hand.

Series/Pool 5 Cards

  • Shuri (4/2) – When Revealed: Double the power of the next card you play.
  • Bust (1/1) – When Revealed: Change the power of all cards in your hand to 3.
  • Thanos (6/8) — Add 6 Infinity Stones to your deck and shuffle at the start of the match.
  • Galactus (6/3) — When Revealed: If this is your only card, destroy all other locations
  • Valkyrie (5/3) – When Revealed: Sets the power of all cards in this location to 3.
  • Super Skrull (4/2) — Duration: Has a duration effect on all enemy cards.

During our Second Dinner, we also detailed the previously announced Token Shop via our official Discord server.

After the next patch, players will start earning tokens from Collection progression paths once they reach Collection Rank 500. These tokens can be used in the token shop that will be added soon. Rotates every 8 hours. If there’s a card you really want, like Dr. Doom or Venom, and you have the tokens, you can use them on the spot to get that card. However, if you don’t have the card you really want, no problem. marvel snap You can grind for as long as you want to lock the store and earn the tokens you need to buy the desired cards.

Now, while the token shop system sounds great and helps players get that one coveted card to complete a particular deck, some people have already invested hours into the game. It pissed people off. They’re already at collection rank 900 or 1200 and you might be missing out on the upcoming tokens. Originally, Second Dinner wasn’t going to give these players anything.This didn’t work and last week marvel snap Boss Ben Broad confirmed that this plan has changed.

Players get tons of tokens the first time they log in after the patch. The number you can earn depends on your collection level.

  • 500-999 collection level: 3,000 tokens
  • 1000-2999 Collection Level: 6,000 Tokens
  • 3000+ collection levels: 12,000 tokens

Considering the card prices (1000 tokens for pool 3 cards, 3000 tokens for pool 4, 6000 tokens for pool 5), even low level players can get at least 1 card from the shop. Don’t worry if you haven’t reached 500 yet. According to Second Dinner, you can still get tokens once you reach collection level 500.Another example of the weirdly wonderful way marvel snap It has been compared to so many other free-to-play mobile games.

Marvel Snap”The next season starts on December 6th, and should coincide with the next big patch that adds a token shop and new cards.You still have time to get all the rewards from this current Wakanda and Black Panther themed seasonthat too.

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