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Young & Restless: What If the Show Casts Sally Spectra’s Parents

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More babies than babies may come!

I wrote before how to do it young and restless I desperately need some things I don’t have on canvas. (Missed it? Here’s the story.) Which characters go for what when everyone in the city of Genoa is filthy rich? Spoiler alert: nothing. There are constant job rotations, mergers, and acquisitions, but I don’t feel like any of them are impactful. “The rich who got fired from the first company got a job at the second company. Still rich. Big hoop.

But thanks to Sally, that might be about to change. Instead, I was able to attract two depressed people: my parents. If and/or when news comes across that she has one of her heirs to the Newman family – and possibly married to one or the other to boot – Mom and Dad You can make a beeline in the city of Genoa in hopes of getting a new address at Easy Street.

“New phone. Who is this person?”

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they did To tellOf course, they want to make up for lost time with their little girl. Courtney Hope explains to Soaps.com: It’s the ultimate betrayal — they just left.

“And that’s part of why she worked so hard, on a conscious or subconscious level, to find stability in her life,” she continues. or building a business or finding a partner.”

now this It’s the family reunion we want to see!

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The arrival of Mom and Dad can ruin Sally’s progress. She is no longer the conspirator who feigned her terminal illness and kidnapped her romantic rival to capture the man.But someone like Victor or Nikki would have an easier time looking down her nose if her shitty people were in town. we could see Melrose Place Alum Laura Leighton is the mom, and former castmate/real-life husband Doug Savant is the dad.Also riverdale Strategists Natalie Bolt and Christopher Cousins ​​(ex Cain Ong) one life to live). look? fun!

Would you like to meet Sally’s parents in Genova City? Imagine hanging branches for them in the Newman family tree Check out the photo gallery of Victor and his kin below.

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