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Zachary Levi Retweets Transphobe, Calls Pharma Company Threat to World

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Zachary Levi, Warner Bros. star.Future plans shazam 2 The movie left many scratching their heads, with the actor resurfacing questionable statements from the past after hitting pharmaceutical company Pfizer this weekend.

Pfizer’s comments on Levi’s were tame. Levi’s retweeted a letter from British anti-vaxor Lyndon Wood. Wood took to Twitter to warn people that the drug company, which makes not only COVID vaccines but also HIV drugs, is a “threat to the world.” asked if he agreed. Levi replied, “Hardcore agrees.”

Levi’s retweet and brief comment were still live as of Monday afternoon, and Warner Bros. has not responded to various outlets seeking comment.

In keeping with his dedication to Wood, Levi recently appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and expressed his admiration for another transphobic, Jordan Peterson. reprimanded by youtube He called gender-affirming care “like Nazis” after he left transgender actor Elliott Page to death. He is one of the deepest thinkers who broke through human behavior, etc. I believe he has integrity.”

Logan brought up Peterson’s transphobia, but the podcast host also misgendered Page. This was not fixed by Levi.

Levi’s views on trans rights are unclear, but he seems comfortable aligning with people who clearly don’t respect their trans identity.

Levi’s hatred of the pharmaceutical industry is less murky. He followed Wood’s retweet with another tweet highlighting a fraud settlement Pfizer paid 14 years ago.Just this month, Levi blamed pharmaceutical companies for advertising when he appeared on another podcast.

Five years ago, Levi’s let himself go wild when he got mad at people who said white men shouldn’t lead discussions about racism and sexism. Having meaningful conversations about racism is both sexist and racist. ” he said at the time.

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