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A look at the Green Mediterranean diet…

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New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) Weight loss, weight gain, hormonal balance, bodybuilding and many other reasons can lead you to diet, but the ultimate goal is to achieve balance for optimal health and wellness. maintaining a well-balanced diet. nutrition.

Living in a world full of information and innovation, there is so much to discover, so we researched the trending green Mediterranean diet and compared it to other popular diets such as keto, vegan, and Atkins. , to see how it is measured.

Let’s take a peek at it and see what the topic is.

green mediterranean diet

The most “healthy diet” that is currently in vogue and popular around the world today is the Mediterranean diet. This allows consumption of nuts, olive oil, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes and fish. Dark chocolate and red wine are also permitted.

However, recent studies show that a Mediterranean diet with a “green” twist may be more effective.

The Green Mediterranean diet is a variant of the Mediterranean diet and is inspired by the diet of the Greek and Italian peoples. Simply put, if you choose the Green Mediterranean diet, eliminate red and processed meats. , you need to eat more leafy vegetables.

According to the National Library of Medicine, “The Green MED diet, supplemented with walnuts, green tea and mancay and reduced in meat and poultry, may amplify the beneficial cardiometabolic effects of the Mediterranean diet.”

The Green MED diet has been shown to be more effective for people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, and cognitive decline. You can try this diet after consulting with.

atkins diet

The Atkins Diet, named after cardiologist Dr. Robert C. Atkins, is a popular low-carb meal plan developed in the 1960s. The key to this Atkins meal plan is to avoid high-carb foods, eat as much protein as possible, and still lose weight.

While the Green MED diet advises avoiding red meat, the Atkins diet allows meat consumption and the rest of the rules remain the same regarding diet.

Keep the 4 Phases of the Atkins Diet handy for better results.

Phase 1: Induction

Phase 2: Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL)

Phase 3: Pre-Maintenance

Phase 4: Lifetime Maintenance

vegan diet

Hospitality businesses have noticed the growing popularity of the vegan lifestyle. Many people are adopting it because of growing concerns about climate change and animal rights. Aside from all the other resources that give you the benefits, a vegan lifestyle is also advantageous in terms of health benefits.

Vegans only consume plant-based foods such as plant-based meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts. The main goals of a vegan diet are to promote weight loss and lower cholesterol levels to reduce the risk of heart disease.

ketogenic diet

Dr. Russell Morse Wilder of the Mayo Clinic discovered the ketogenic diet, also known as the “keto diet.” He also coined the phrase “ketogenic diet” to encourage people to eat excessive amounts of fat and little or no carbohydrates, resulting in high levels of ketone bodies in the blood (ketosis). explained.

The ketogenic diet first became available as an epilepsy treatment in the 1920s. Diet programs were initially quite popular, but as antiepileptic drug therapy advanced, their use plummeted.

Today, people use the keto diet to burn fat, fasting and eating their favorite high-fat foods such as lean meats, fatty fish, nuts, cheese and butter.

While there is much debate among health-conscious individuals about the various diets advertised in the market, it is important to consult your doctor first for guidance on the best diets to follow.

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