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Adding milk to coffee doubles its anti-inflammatory power

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CopenhagenDenmark – Coffee lovers will rejoice because a simple cup of coffee and milk may protect the body from harmful inflammation, according to researchers at the University of Copenhagen. Their study found that adding milk to coffee made immune cells twice as protective as his.

When something that doesn’t belong in the body enters the body, the body responds by releasing white blood cells and other substances that provide protection in the form of causing inflammation. On the other hand, antioxidants called polyphenols are commonly found in fruits and vegetables and can help reduce cellular stress in cases of inflammation.

Much research has been done on antioxidants, but it is still unknown what happens when polyphenols react with other molecules in food, such as proteins. have conducted research to address this knowledge gap and found that polyphenols amino acidthe building blocks of proteins.

“This study shows that as polyphenols react with amino acids, their inhibitory effects on immune cell inflammation increase. human inflammationWe will investigate further, first in animals. After that, I would like to receive research funding to study the effects on humans. university liberation.

Coffee beans are full of antioxidants

To do this work, the team artificially inflamed immune cells and administered varying amounts of polyphenols that react with amino acids, while others received only polyphenols. did not. The results show that immune cells treated with both polyphenols and amino acids were twice as effective in fighting inflammation as cells that received polyphenols alone. Polyphenol.

Previous research by this team found similar results.They found that polyphenols can bind to milk and meat. coffee Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants, which is why coffee lovers milk is rich in protein.

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“Our results show that a reaction between polyphenols and proteins also occurs in some of the milk-sweetened coffee beverages we studied. It’s been difficult to avoid any of the foods we’ve studied,” explains Lund. “I can imagine the same thing happening with veggie meat dishes, smoothies, etc., if you make sure you add protein, like milk or yogurt.”

The food industry and food science research community are working to get the most out of polyphenols, figuring out how to add them to foods in the right amounts to maximize their effects.

of findings is published in Journal of Agro-Food Chemistry.

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