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Advocates renew call for NWT to fully cover PrEP

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“Red tape is no excuse,” supporters of free HIV preventative PrEP tell the NWT health minister.

Julie Green says she supports making PrEP more widely available, Can’t “quickly change” A broader review of the health benefits within the area is underway.

In a press release on Monday, campaigner Will Gagnon said, online petition Supporting free access to PrEP within the territory has now received over 20,000 signatures worldwide.


PrEP, taken once daily, is reported to be 99% effective in preventing infection if subsequently exposed to HIV. The pill is fully funded by the governments of Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Without insurance, it will cost you up to $300 per month.

“The Northwest Territories currently have one of the highest rates of syphilis in Canada. Syphilis is syndemic with HIV, meaning one makes the other more likely.” , read Monday’s press release.

“The Northwest Territories government, and Green Minister in particular, must do their best to protect the health and welfare of their citizens. Public funding of HIV PrEP is part of that.”

In a previous interview with Cabin Radio, Green said he “looks forward to bringing” PrEP to more people, but that “we’re not doing it on your schedule.” rice field.

advocate monday published a video message “To let the Minister know that there is no schedule for HIV.”


Last week, the NWT government issued an update on the health benefits review process that ministers said must move forward before the PrEP changes take place.

“The intention is to draft and submit to the cabinet a new expanded medical benefit policy by spring 2023, with the goal of full implementation of the new policy by April 1, 2024.” listed on its website.

On Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services said it had no further comment on PrEP.

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