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Antibiotic sales are rising on Canadian farms, report finds

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Canada saw increased sales of antibiotics for use in food animals in 2020. report The Canadian government announced this week.

Data from the Canadian Consolidated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance and Surveillance (CIPARS) show that overall sales of antibiotics intended for use in production animals (food animals and horses) will increase from 2019 to 2020. The number of animals and their weight (animal biomass) increased by 6.5% over The increase was primarily due to lower sales of antibiotics for poultry and aquaculture and steady sales of antibiotics for dairy cows, horses, dogs and cats, while sales of antibiotics for beef cattle, pigs and calves This was due to increased sales of antibiotics.

After adjusting for underlying biomass, the report notes that about 1.8 times more antibiotics were sold for use in production animals than in humans.

Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance on Canadian farms reveals a complex picture. In poultry and poultry pigs, trends in resistance to 3 or more antibiotic classes are Escherichia coliWhen salmonella When Campylobacter A low rate of multidrug resistance from pigs was also shown.However, resistance to ciprofloxacin continued to rise Campylobacter From broiler chickens and healthy fattening cattle.

CIPARS also detects colistin resistance Escherichia coli When salmonella Isolate from 3 sources of monitoring.

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