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Best of 2022 science discoveries

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To Ramiro Bustamante Torres31 January 2023

The year 2022 will be filled with many scientific discoveries and advances, mostly JWST and Artemis I by NASA and other space agencies. While there have been great strides in space, there are many other areas of science that may not have received enough attention or may have been overlooked. An exhaustive list of significant advances and discoveries in .

sea ​​urchin hat party

Not much like the jellyfish party from then on Spongebob episodebut during the summer ridge expedition from NOAA, a group of sea urchins was found on the seabed. sea ​​urchin (C. Sigsbay) belonged to a group of about 35 individuals and appeared to wear the equivalent of a hat during the mating season. I’m excited to say that the hat is a sea urchin fashion, paper Published in 2013, explains that this is called cover behavior. The purpose of the sea urchin fragments is not entirely clear, as events of this type are rarely discovered and documented, but this does bring us one step closer to understanding deep-sea life.

Fighting HIV/AIDS

As a preface, there is currently no cure for HIV/AIDS. However, there have been advances from the use of mRNA technology to prevention and treatment. Broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs)Published at the end of 2022, paper reported results from a phase 1 trial on efficacy in neutralizing most HIV strains using bnAbs after being administered to patients providing an estimated months of protection. This is the first step towards vaccination with potentially life-saving results. Presence of her PrEP and PEP for prophylaxis and post-infection treatment is available, but efforts are directed toward long-term immunization.

best friend of the jaguar

Ever thought the word bromance was used to refer to a jaguar? Technically it’s not the word to use, but what about a wingman or best friend? Studies published in 2022 It challenges the view that jaguars are solitary creatures. Unlike the pride of lions, jaguars tend to stay away from each other and were previously thought to hunt solitary. Male jaguars have been the focus of research to determine their potential to act together, and a small number of jaguars have exhibited the behavior.Two male jaguars share prey and rest together. A special “friendship” of the year. If the area is heavily populated with female jaguars to increase the chances of mating, two male jaguars are also found together, effectively serving as each other’s wingmen in a way. Jaguars are more friendly than previously thought, but they are still dangerous predators, not neighborhood feral cats.

These three discoveries and developments in different fields of science offer a glimpse of what is happening in the scientific community. What we learn raises new questions that need to be explored. More answers will be found in 2022, with new announcements already coming within a month of his first this year.

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