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Building which has ‘captured the imagination of Canoe’ to be rezoned

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Canoe’s unique building is subject to rezoning and amendments to the Official Community Plan (OCP) to accommodate future plans.

Old school at 6540 50th St. NE is now OCP “institutional” and zoned accordingly.

A report from the city’s planning staff explains: occupation below. “

Staff noted that the property was purchased in 2016 by owners listed as C. Switzer and R. Muxlow. A step back they have operated for the last 17 years.

Staff noted that the owner’s original intent was to use the building for residential purposes, which is one of the permitted uses under zoning, and therefore classified the property as P3 – zoning for institutional use. I said it was to keep.

“However, because ‘single-family homes’ are not permitted in the current P-3 zoning and the owner intends to live in the building while working remotely under the building, the staff will issue the owner an R-1 or We are requesting rezoning to one of R-8, which requires OCP amendments to support use in the proposed housing.”

The changes being made are the conversion of OCP facilities to low density residential and rezoning of P3 facilities to R8 residential suite zones.

Earl. Louise Wallace-Richmond, who lives in Canoe, said she knows her owner lives out of town, but it would be great if she could attend a hearing online about her change. .

“Like I said, it (the building) captured the canoe imagination…” she said.

Hearing on February 27th at 7pm

Wallace Richmond encouraged residents to attend questions.

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