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‘Business as usual’, says Tufton about managing Monkeypox challenges

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Dr. Christopher Tuffton said he did not expect the island to return to block to contain the virus locally when encouraging the Jamaicans not to panic in the light of the island that recorded the first case of monkeypox. I am saying.

In fact, Tuffton has expressed confidence that health authorities can treat and track the virus because of its relatively mild nature.

“Given the nature of the virus, and (and) the nature of the virus globally, so far, finding one case is at stake,” he said at an emergency press conference on Wednesday. I’m sure it won’t cause or cause it. ” ..

Mr. Tuffton said there is always the possibility that the country will record cases of monkeypox, given that the borders have been opened and other countries continue to record cases of the virus.

“That said, we believe we have the ability to respond, especially if the Jamaicans play that role. Therefore, the response to the new coronavirus that appeared on March 10, 2020. I don’t expect it, “he insisted.

“We believe we can manage this current threat. If we play our role, we can manage it in a way that allows us to continue to be normal, whether or not we play it.

“Tell the Jamaicans, play your part. God knows the country can’t cope with the other limbs. From the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many side effects up to this point. So we don’t just pray and ask. God for guidance, but we intend to work to ensure that such guidance is utilized by ourselves and the role we play. “Toughton declared.

To that end, the minister reiterated that Jamaicans had no reason to panic.

“This isn’t a reason to panic. It’s not a reason to feel anxious or scared. Please be aware that we’ll let you know as soon as we get confirmation. I think we have a duty to make it aware,” he said. ..

According to Mr. Tuffton, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been informed about the development of health, while the country remains open.

“It’s a normal business in terms of economic function. I spoke with the prestigious Prime Minister. He is ready and can always provide the leadership and guidance he needs,” said Tuffton. , The Cabinet was also informed about the development.

Meanwhile, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie said the disease is milder than “what we’ve been accustomed to all over the world.”

Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor-Mackenzie (file photo)

The CMO emphasized the need to protect himself by wearing a mask, keeping away from the body and covering the skin rash, and said it would increase public awareness and sensitization.

The patient who was locally positive for monkeypox was a man who recently traveled from the United Kingdom. He presented it to the public health system on July 5, when he arrived on the island five days ago.

Bisasor-McKenzie said the man is from Clarendon, but there is no risk to the community there as all close contact with the positives is currently isolated.

Like Tuffton, the CMO said there was no need to panic given the local presence of monkeypox.

“This is why we don’t panic. No risk is expected. Our personnel are on the ground as usual. We are very good at contact tracing, discovering cases and taking opportunities. We will try to keep it to a minimum. It will spread to the population, “she outlined.

“This is a mild illness and infection requires very close contact. For these reasons, one should not panic. If sick, this is visible. That’s why I’m immediately driven to act. Isolate myself. “

Tuffton chimes on that leg of her reaction, “panic leads to confusion … and we are not promoting confusion.

“We are promoting responsible behavior in the light of new developments,” he said, encouraging people with symptoms to present to medical facilities.

According to Tuffton, the epidemic of monkeypox can occur when humans come into close contact with infected or rodents.

Human-to-human transmission is generally rare, but is caused by skin lesions of monkeypox, direct contact with scabs, contact with clothing, sheets, towels used by infected persons, and coughing and sneezing of infected persons. There is a possibility.

The virus enters the body through broken skin and mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) even if it is not visible.

“The incubation period, as we understand it, is 5 to 21 days. Symptoms are usually mild to moderate, including fever, severe headache, swollen lymph nodes, low back pain, swelling, and rash. “Toughton says.

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