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Health Advisory Council concerned as AHS looks for new site for Lloydminster dialysis unit

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Lloydminster and the District Health Advisory Board have expressed concern as the Alberta Health Service is looking for a new location in Lloydminster to house the dialysis unit. AHS said it had “confirmed concerns” about the proposed Prairie North Plaza location.

by email to myroid minster nowAHS said a review of “space logistics and possible layouts” at the proposed location led to the decision to “find an alternative location that better supports current and future service expansion.”

Fundraising activities by the Lloydminster Group has continued over the years to support the movement to increase the number of dialysis units from 5 to 6 to serve patients with kidney disease and requiring dialysis in the region.

Lloydminster and District Health Advisory Board member Paul Richer said they first heard about the AHS change in December.

“It’s been a surprise and a shock to all of us, and we’re basically saying, ‘What the hell is this — in our view, someone dropped the ball.’

Richer said he raised concerns during a recent meeting with Saskatchewan’s Rural and Remote Areas Health Minister Everett Hindley.

“We had a small crew, and it was four of us that went to Regina. One of the four items we talked to him about was, ‘Oh my God, I knew this hit the wall.’ There are people in SHA and AHS who are clearly fighting, and I think they’re trying to secure another spot quickly.”

Richer said Hindley expressed surprise at the site’s change of location, adding that this new development on a project many years ago is another example of Lloydminster’s neglect.

“I think we have found evidence that we are really being neglected. No one bothered to check out to make sure.”

AHS says it remains committed to working with SHA on this project.they put $4.25 million for the project SHA is providing the location. They indicate in an email that the number of patients served will increase from her 20 to his 36 once the unit is established.

Another location has been evaluated and AHS has indicated that it will be in touch regarding the matter as soon as it is confirmed.

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