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“Healthy” Woman Who Fought Thyroid Cancer Shares 4 Symptoms She Ignored

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McKnight was diagnosed with thyroid cancer despite having no family history.

From dry skin to brittle hair, a woman in the United States who battled thyroid cancer recently revealed symptoms she had ignored weeks before her diagnosis.

Christina McKnight was 27 when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2014, despite having no family history and being “young, fit and healthy.” Facebook reel.

McKnight captioned, “My husband literally had to take me to the doctor because he thought it was a promotion at work. I’ve seen you suffer from…” she wrote in the caption of her post.

In the clip, Mcknight said she attributed her symptoms to stress after getting a promotion at work. It was a sign of something more ominous.

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according to independenceShe said…it’s all family. ”

“I was just starting to get very tired and had a lot of brain fog, but I thought it was because of my promotion.

Additionally, Ms. Mcknight said it was her husband who noticed how tired she was and how uninterested she was in things. “I couldn’t get things done like I used to. I had a blurry head and had to go to work on Sundays to catch up,” she revealed. I started noticing that while my skin was drying out, my hair was becoming “weirdly brittle”.

“Thankfully, my doctor recently diagnosed another person with thyroid cancer, so he recognized my symptoms. I rolled the ‘,’ she said.

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Following doctors’ concerns, Mcknight underwent an ultrasound and biopsy, which confirmed thyroid cancer. At first, she was hesitant to accept the diagnosis because it required her thyroid to be removed, but after obtaining a second opinion she underwent a thyroidectomy in November 2014, followed by her thyroidectomy. underwent radioactive iodine ablation in January to remove all debris from her thyroid.

A year later she cleared everything. However, she has to take thyroid replacement injections to replace the lost hormones.

The thyroid gland is located in the neck. Produces important hormones that regulate metabolism, energy levels, heart rate and body temperature.

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