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How does vaping affect the lungs? | Newsroom

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E-cigarette use among teens is on the rise, with reports of rapid growth in use across North America. While some consider e-cigarettes to be a useful tool for quitting smoking, new research from McGill University Health Center Research Institute (RI-MUHC) confirms growing public health concerns about potential adverse health effects. increase. Researchers found that inhaling e-cigarettes Cellular and molecular changes that could have detrimental effects on the lungs in the futureThey exposed mice to the equivalent of 60 puffs per day of mango-flavored Juul (a popular e-cigarette brand among youth and young adults) for four weeks. We have found that even small exposures have significant effects. “Our results show that inhaling the vapors produced by popular brands of e-cigarettes produces extensive changes in the interior of the lungs. The data further underscore that this can lead to lung damage,” said co-investigators.author Carolyn J. Bagroll.

Carolyn Balor [at] mcgill.ca (English)

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