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How new biotech makes remediation quicker, cheaper, and safer

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Cultures are produced and distributed under the brand name DGG™ by a restoration company called SiREM. Toth says microbial culture technology could be a game changer for the oil and gas industry. Environmental Health and Safety Officer Because it reduces costs and saves time.

According to Toth, restoring and monitoring compromised sites requires a time-consuming and expensive process. “By keeping the site clean, we reduce the time required for monitoring,” he says.

Canada has thousands of oil pollution sites, Alberta and Saskatchewan alone contain over 10,000 abandoned oil wells. “We hope that more sites will actually be cleaned up,” Toth said, adding that BTEX hydrocarbons can easily spread to contaminate water sources, land and air.

Microbial cultures are injected into the land approximately two meters below the surface using a special drilling rig. Anaerobic gas and anaerobic water are used to prime the land and displace oxygen. “What you can do in 15 minutes. It’s so fast. It takes longer to set up the equipment for the injection than the actual injection process,” he says.

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