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Kindness helps to overcome anxiety and depression, says a new study

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Kindness and helping others are some traits that have always been hailed as essential to a good social life. It has also been shown to help with recovery from anxiety and depression. This research was conducted by David Cregg and Jennifer Cheavens of Ohio State University.

“Social connections are one of the elements of life most strongly associated with happiness. Doing acts of kindness seems to be one of the best ways to foster those connections,” says Clegg. Told.

The study examined 122 volunteers in Ohio. These people had symptoms of moderate to severe depression. They were then divided into three groups. His first two groups received the usual treatment of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): social interaction and cognitive reassessment.

A third group was asked to perform acts of kindness two days a week.

Acts of kindness are defined as “doing good things for others and focusing on the needs of others,” and they actually help people with depression and anxiety feel better about themselves. found to be useful for

All three groups were monitored for 5 weeks and then re-evaluated. All three groups benefited from their respective treatment regimens, but the group told to perform acts of kindness showed marked improvement in symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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