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Lake Banook judges’ tower in Dartmouth getting $2.5M rebuild for canoe, kayak events

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Workers tap the waters of Loch Banook in Dartmouth, New South Wales, bringing its signature Judge Tower into the 21st century.

The 1987 building has been modernized to house the technology currently used in canoe and kayak racing. It was originally built for the 1989 Junior World Championships.

Canoe 22 Vice Chairman Stephen Gallant said:

Gallant’s group performed well this summer in Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World Championships.

Stephen Gallant is Vice-President of Canoe 22, which hosted the 2022 Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World Championships at Dartmouth. (Robert Short/CBC)

The original plan was to have the new towers ready in time for these games, but “the world didn’t agree with us”. , said it meant that key materials such as steel could not be obtained in time.

Along with modern heating and plumbing, and eventual wheelchair access via sidewalks, Gallant said there will be major changes to the front or “nose” of the tower.

A large square room with plenty of space for people to set up their laptops will be built, replacing the old staircase with stopwatches for the judges to sit and look out over the lane to time people .

The black-and-white painting on the left shows a tall tower with a sloping roof and a square chamber in front above a slit leading to the water. The right side of the image shows a color rendering of the same tower.
Drawings of the new Judge’s Tower on Lake Banook. (Canoe 22)

“Today, everything is a computer and everything is a camera. Now it’s completely different,” says Gallant.

Gallant said the change will ensure Banuk remains a great venue for young paddlers to excel at home.

“There are a lot of areas in Canada that they have to go to us, or they have to go to two or three canoe-kayak places in the country that are world-class,” Gallant said. increase.

The tower will also become a Dartmouth landmark, and Gallant said locals shouldn’t worry about the change. The classic silhouette of the pitched roof remains.

The $2.5 million project was primarily funded by the state ($1.5 million) and Halifax Municipality ($700,000).

Earl. Sam Austin, who represents the area on city council, said ensuring Banuk can continue to attract major events is a worthwhile investment.

Looking at the tower from the front, there is scaffolding around the crate and a crane to the left.
The new Judge’s Tower is expected to be completed by April. (Robert Short/CBC)

“There’s a certain element of ‘we need to catch up with Jones,'” said Austin. “What was good in the 1980s is getting pretty tired today, so it’s essential work for us to remain competitive.”

Austin also said the new tower will be among other investments around the lake, including terrace seating at Silvers Hill, a new multi-purpose building at Kiwanis-Grahams Grove Park, and state support for the renovation of the Banuk Canoe Club. Said there was.

“Good to see, good for the city,” Austin said.

The tower is on track to open in April, the lake’s next big event indigenous games of north america in July.

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