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Meet Dr. John Ainsworth; a Cardiology Specialist With Over 30 Years of Experience

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Dr. John Ainsworth is a renowned cardiologist in the United States. He is honored to work with some of the best hospitals and institutions in the US and UK. With a mission to help people, Dr. John aims to bring medical expertise to those in need.

Dr. John Ainsworth is a renowned physician who treats severe congestive heart failure, heart attack, and atrial fibrillation. Dr. John’s passion for medicine has led him to learn more skills for people suffering from heart and vascular disease. As an ambitious individual, Dr. John aims to serve humanity.

Dr. John has been providing healthcare services for over 30 years and aims to keep this momentum going. His areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, cardiology, medical billing, and coding. Dr. John’s skills and knowledge have allowed him to work with excellent hospitals, including Mount His Sinai Hospital, one of the oldest hospitals in the United States.

Our Coding Specialist and his team of expert doctors use the latest equipment and 24/7 customer support to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our clients. You can book an appointment with John at any time regarding cardiovascular disease or medical bills. His team treats every patient with care and ensures that they receive treatment in a timely manner. Under his supervision, Dr. John has helped many patients and treated a variety of heart conditions.

Dr. John Ainsworth said: “With over 30 years of practical experience, I not only help treat heart and vascular diseases and conditions, but I am also an expert in the medical billing and coding field with multiple verifiable certifications. I have treated cases of heart problems and abnormalities that have been treated with care.

About John Ainsworth:

John Ainsworth is a heart disease coding specialist with 30 years of lifelong experience. He has a team of medical professionals who entertain patients’ concerns in a timely manner. He was born on his 25th December 1957 and was raised in Dublin, Ireland after being born in Canary Wharf, east of London (UK). Dr. John moved to the United States and pursued higher education at the University of Massachusetts Lowell with his MBBS Bachelor of Arts in Cardiology.

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