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MRI a ‘far superior’ modality for dense breast imaging

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MRI is an excellent modality for complementary imaging in women with: dense breast tissueaccording to a new meta-analysis.

The analysis included cases of more than 250,000 women screened for breast cancer, more than half of whom reported having dense breast tissue and negative screening mammography. A side-by-side comparison of digital breast tomosynthesis, handheld US, automated breast US, and MRI scans revealed that MRI was the superior modality in terms of cancer detection rate in non-high-risk cohorts with dense breast .

by Masking effect of dense breasts, women with this type of tissue are more likely to miss cancer on a standard mammogram. Given the additional cancer risks involved, there is a great need to understand the adjunctive imaging modalities that most benefit these women. A new analysis was presented.

“Breast cancer masses appear white on mammograms, and dense tissue also appears white, making it difficult for radiologists to find breast cancer within dense breast tissue,” said co-author of the study, University of Toronto. “Our study was designed to assess the role of various supplemental screening tests in women with negative screening mammograms and dense breast tissue at average or intermediate breast cancer risk.”

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