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No need for six-month wait to try for baby after pregnancy loss, study finds | Pregnancy

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Analysis of the data suggests that women don’t have to wait at least six months after a miscarriage or abortion before trying another baby. world health organization guidance.

The study also contradicts WHO recommendations that women should wait at least 24 months after giving birth before becoming pregnant again to avoid complications in subsequent pregnancies.

This guidance suggests that shorter intervals between pregnancies may help women replenish their nutritional stores, recover from infections and inflammatory diseases that may have caused the miscarriage, and reduce the excess weight gained during previous pregnancies. It was based on the idea that you might not be given enough time to lose weight or lose weight. Based on research and preliminary reviews from

To investigate further, Gizachew Tessema of the Curtin School of Population Health, Perth, Australia, and colleagues analyzed data from 49,058 post-abortion births and 23,707 post-abortion births. Norway Between 2008 and 2016. They are born prematurely, have a baby that is small or large for their gestational age, or have a mother who has gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia (a serious condition that can cause high blood pressure during pregnancy and after childbirth). I searched for a relationship with

Research published in pros medicine, Contrary to current advice, we have found that women can attempt to conceive “immediately” after a previous miscarriage or abortion without significantly increasing the risk of these complications.

“We are confident that our findings provide comfort to women and families trying to conceive soon after a miscarriage or abortion without increasing the risk of adversely affecting pregnancy and childbirth outcomes.” says Tessema. “As a result, you can have children whenever you want, but there are caveats. First, you need at least some time to recover from your last pregnancy. If I choose a number, it’s at least six weeks.”

A short gap between pregnancies will reduce the time it takes for the underlying infection or inflammation to heal. “People should consult with their general practitioner or obstetrician when planning a pregnancy,” says Tessema.

Other recent studies by the group found no increased risk of adversely affecting pregnancy or birth outcomes in women who became pregnant shortly after giving birth to a stillborn or healthy baby. I’m here. health Organizational recommendations for post-abortion pregnancy intervals. “

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