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Ottawa leaving January in better COVID-19 shape

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Recent developments:

  • Ottawa’s positive COVID-19 test rates and outbreaks are declining.
  • Its hospitalizations and coronavirus wastewater levels are stable.
  • EOHU believes the risk of COVID remains low.
  • Two more local residents infected with COVID have died.

up to date

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) said: The recent downward trend in breathing is encouragingAs of Tuesday’s update, all of the capital’s major COVID-19 trends are either stable or declining, lower than at the beginning of the month at the end of January.

It argues that reducing risk while COVID-19 levels are high is still worthwhile.

Expert Wearing a mask indoors is highly recommended And in Ontario A few days after the onset of COVID symptomsStay at home when you’re sick, Get the latest on COVID and flu vaccines It also helps protect vulnerable people.

A broader view of respiratory disease Overall, respiratory virus activity is declining and non-COVID virus levels are seen as generally low.

waste water

Research team data As of January 26, the average weekly level of coronavirus in Ottawa’s wastewater had remained nearly stable for about a week, at slightly higher levels than before the late December rise.

OPH considers this very high.

Researchers who measured and shared the amount of novel coronavirus in Ottawa wastewater found an increase in about six weeks to the second week of January. The latest data is for him on January 26, 2023. (613covid.ca)


OPH’s number of active local COVID-19 hospitalizations has stabilized at 30, with two patients in intensive care, according to Tuesday’s update.

There is another count that contains other patientswho were hospitalized for other reasons and subsequently tested positive for COVID, who were hospitalized with prolonged COVID complications, or who were transferred from other health care units.

That number has largely stabilized in the 80s and 90s this month.

Breakdown of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 in Ottawa.
Ottawa Public Health has a COVID-19 hospital count showing all hospitalized patients who have tested positive for COVID-19, including patients admitted for other reasons and living in other areas . (Ottawa Public Health)

Tests, Outbreaks, and Deaths

Ottawa’s positive COVID-19 test rate has dropped to around 12%. Changed test strategy End of 2021 and often not reflected in the count.

According to OPH, Ottawa has 20 active COVID outbreaks. That number has been slowly declining this month.

OPH reported 115 more COVID cases in four days and the death of someone in their 60s with COVID. Overall, he has died of COVID as a contributing or underlying cause to the deaths of 1,008 Ottawa residents since the pandemic began.


32% of Ottawans over the age of 12 have had a recent infection within the last 6 months. as is commonly recommendedthe higher the age group, the higher the rate.

does not consider this Immunity from COVID.

A recent infographic of an Ottawa resident receiving their final COVID-19 vaccine. Stacked bar chart by age.
Ottawa Public Health shares when residents 12 years and older last received the COVID-19 vaccine. (Ottawa Public Health)

Nearly 1,800 doses of the COVID vaccine were administered to residents last week. That’s less than the week before and even more than the week before that.

As of the latest weekly update, 85% of Ottawa residents had received at least one dose of COVID vaccine, 82% had received at least two doses, 56% had received at least three doses, and 31% had received at least four doses .

across the region


Coronavirus wastewater averages split between stable and rising Kingston’s stable at Leeds, Grenville, Lanark (LGL) CountyData for regions other than Ottawa are outdated or unavailable.

EOHU COVID risk level considered low.

hospitalization and death

Eastern Ontario communities outside Ottawa have reported approximately 25 COVID-19 hospitalizations, with five patients in intensive care.

The number in that area is not Hastings Prince Edward (HPE) including Public Healththe counting method is different.

Western Quebec’s health authority, CISSSO, has reported 114 hospitalizations for COVID. No patients are in intensive care.

LGL reported a total of 148 deaths in weekly updates.


According to the Kingston Area Health Department, 32% of the population aged 5 and over has received a booster vaccine in the last 6 months. That number he is 27% at HPE and is not available anywhere else.

In Eastern Ontario, 82-93% of residents ages 5 and older have received at least two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 54-66% of these residents have received at least three doses.

More than 6.2 million COVID vaccinations have now been administered across the region.

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