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Poultry producers given more time to enrol in AgriStrability – StrathmoreNow.com

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Alberta’s Agriculture and Irrigation Minister Nate Horner said poultry farmers affected by bird flu will be allowed to delay their participation in AgriStability in the 2022 program year.

The move means poultry producers who are not currently signed up for AgriStability can do so by February 28, 2023 by contacting Agriculture Financial Services Corporation.

“Alberta growers are facing significant impacts, significant losses and tremendous stress during this time and as such we are providing additional support to some of our growers. We applaud the state’s poultry department for advocating and sharing information over the past year to support growers during an avian flu outbreak.”

He warned that more infections could emerge heading into the spring, adding that he will continue to work with industry to identify available tools and support to mitigate the impact of bird flu. rice field.

Late participation in the AgriStability program must comply with all program requirements and deadlines.

Please note that under program guidelines, payments to late participants are reduced by 20%, including interim payments under the program.

AgriStability is a margin-based program designed to help growers cope with significant income losses.

Poultry producers interested in participating in the 2022 AgriStability program should contact Agriculture Financial Services Corporation through AFSC Connect or by calling 1-877-899-2372.

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