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Remember to breathe when staring at computer screens – New Thought

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please now Inhale, take a deep breath.

Remembering to breathe is needed today more than ever.

A day in front of a computer or device can often leave you feeling exhausted and sick. Organizing the daily influx of emails, texts and messages and working in front of a screen that is the rabbit hole of technology is literally breathtaking. Science reveals why and presents a simple solution to the challenge. With more and more people spending more than seven hours in front of a computer screen every day, it’s important to learn how to support yourself.

Recent life changes have caused us to spend more time in front of computer screens. Rather than seemingly overwhelmed by the task at hand, I found myself feeling more tired and irritable. rice field.

I’ve known about sleep apnea, the cessation of breathing during sleep, but hadn’t heard of email or screen apnea until recently. According to writer and researcher Linda Stone, 80% of people experience screen apnea while working in front of a device. And it has a cost.

According to Stone, email or screen apnea is “temporary cessation or cessation of breathing or shallow breathing while using email.” Your brain instinctively shuts off certain subconscious activities while you’re focused. For example, recognizing hunger, body temperature, and breathing.

Holding your breath activates your stress response and reduces your ability to think and perceive clearly and make good decisions. We tend to be more reactive and irritable. Also called “apnea light”, it increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. The stress chemical cortisol also increases, making you more susceptible to diabetes.

Leaning forward while working will only impair your ability to breathe deeply and deliver adequate oxygen to your lungs and body while sitting. Keeping your gaze at the same distance makes your eyes tired and tense, and concentrating on the screen makes you blink less. There’s even a name for it, “computer vision syndrome,” which causes eye strain, headaches, eye twitches, and back, neck, and shoulder strain.

Awareness is curative and easy to fix. Learning to be aware of your posture and tendency to hold your breath, and remembering to take deep breaths regularly can be helpful. Setting a timer can help provide reminders. Close your eyes to soften them and change your focus distance from time to time. Taking time to stare out the window or at a distant object can help relax your eyes.

Take regular breaks and don’t skip. Stand up and walk away from your device. Don’t just switch to your personal app during your break, but remember to breathe. Relax your shoulders and take a moment to stretch and take a deep breath. These practices make us more efficient and careful than pushing through.

Also, if you have “that person” whose name you see in your inbox causes you stress or tension, remember to stop and take a few deep breaths before opening it. , you will be better able to respond to challenging messages rather than reacting to them.

Miyagi from the Karate Kid movie said, “Whenever you feel life is out of focus, always go back to the basics of life. Breath. Without breath, there is no life.”

Don’t forget to breathe.

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