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Study Highlights Symptoms of Heart Disease, Stroke in Women

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New research is highlighting the signs and symptoms of heart disease and stroke in women.

A new report from the Heart and Stroke Foundation reveals that 40% of Canadians are unaware that these problems are the leading causes of premature death in women.

Cardiologist Sue Fagan, PhD, says women are at higher risk because, in addition to the usual factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes, pregnancy and menopause can increase cardiovascular risk.

Women have been underrepresented in research on heart and brain health for years, she says, and most studies have focused on men, but things have improved in recent years.

Fagan points to the presentation of symptoms as a reason why women’s health isn’t getting as much attention.

As an example, she found that in 50% of women who have a heart attack, the symptoms are not recognized.

According to Fagan, women’s symptoms include back discomfort and upper abdominal discomfort. She says her chest pain, for example, is often ignored or given no attention.

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