Home Health Suspected rabies case in Rankin Inlet prompts warning to residents

Suspected rabies case in Rankin Inlet prompts warning to residents

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The dog was taken off earlier this week after showing symptoms

The Rankin Cove dog was euthanized on Nov. 23 after showing signs of rabies. (Photo by David Benn)

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A potentially rabid dog was killed this week, prompting Rankin Inlet residents to be warned of the danger of rabies.

The dog was kept by a resident in one of 10 units near the treatment facility. It was withdrawn by the ordinance administrator on Wednesday, according to a health ministry news release.

“Due to the risk of rabies, residents who have had contact with dogs should be tested by nurses at the health center,” the release advised.

“Anyone who has been bitten or scratched or has had close contact with a dog should go to their local health center and report the incident immediately.”

The Ministry of Health has advised that untreated rabies infections are almost always fatal, so treatment should begin immediately in those exposed.

Similarly, pet owners whose animals may have been in close contact with dogs should contact their local environmental health officer at 867-645-8071.

In the announcement, the department urged people who keep pets outdoors to monitor behavioral changes. Including choking and making strange noises.

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