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TBD Health is rolling out at-home sexual healthcare to all US states • TechCrunch

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Reproductive rights, against that backdrop, is a hot topic for much of the US political spectrum. TBD Health has raised a $4.4 million round to further scale, so it’s not-so-quiet to make patient-centric, comprehensive sexual health care accessible to everyone in the United States. is not.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Daphne Chen said: His TBD Health description in an interview with TechCrunch. “As people who have first-hand experience with the decisions that physicians and clinicians make regarding sexual health, our mission is to provide comprehensive, trauma-aware care, and safe access for people to seek treatment and resources on their own terms. It’s about creating space., no matter where they live.

The company is expanding its business amidst an enormous amount of change. At one end of the scale, people are more likely to have non-traditional relationships with multiple sexual partners, and sexual safety and testing remain important. and access to sex education and sexual health clinics is woefully inadequate. The CDC reports that 20% of her people in the United States have STDs, and young people probably aren’t as good at preventing STDs as they should be.

TBD Health promotes a new service called Digital Sexual Health.

“We have several services available now. One of them is the STI test at home. We are very excited about this because it is a protocol that allows you to manage your sexual health from the comfort and privacy of your own home.” Chen says. “What it looks like is that kits customized to your specific needs and risk profile can be sent to your home and you can self-collect samples (urine, blood and other swab samples). They are then shipped to our partner labs for results in just a few days.All results are reviewed by our clinical team to develop a customized care plan, and even after test results are returned. , we are really excited about the fact that our relationship with TBD is not over.We are in an ongoing relationship and have a lot of follow ups.We are looking forward to your sex life. We believe that as your health changes, so will your sexual health care needs, so we stay abreast of them and are committed to serving you wherever you are in your sexual health journey. I would like to.”

we talked to the company one year agowas just starting to pick up speed with in-home services, in addition to in-person clinics in Las Vegas. said it had raised a $4.4 million investment round from Tusk Venture Partners.

“Increasing numbers of rural sexual health clinics across the country are closing due to lack of funds and resources. said Stephanie Estey, co-founder and co-CEO of “We are committed to providing solutions for those living in the sexual health care desert and beyond by providing a more accessible and approachable way to care for their sexual health. I aim to be.”

Of course, we are watching the impact of the Roe v. Wade case on deliveries and access to sexual health services.

Bradley Tusk, Managing Partner of Tusk Venture Partners, said in a statement provided by TBD: “We are proud to support TBD Health, which is setting a new standard of care through our STD test kits, nationwide overnight delivery of emergency contraceptives, and our in-person care hub in Las Vegas.”

The company has invested heavily to ensure that its services are trauma-informed and fundamentally comprehensive. This means that clinicians can approach complex sexual health situations with understanding and kindness.

“The true differentiator for TBD is the care that comes with the experience. All of our clinicians are sex positivity trained, sensitivity trained, and trauma aware. So it’s not just getting test results, you’re getting a partner, so what does that actually look like? Estee asks rhetorically, “It’s like counseling. It seems to make sure that there are resources to think about the consequences of STDs for both yourself and your partner. Dramatically missing in today’s health care, which feels so transactional, TBD brings a human and compassionate approach back to the experience, empowering people to own their own sexual health care. It is to make you feel that you are being treated.

you can For more information on TBD, please visit our website.

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