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Three ways genomics is already helping NHS patients—and three ways it will soon

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Four years after its launch, the NHS Genomic Health Service has already delivered on its promise to transform patient care, he writes. Claire Ainsworth— still has a lot of potential

The UK’s Chief Scientific Officer has raved about the ‘new era of genomic medicine’ we are in. It will help us make faster and more accurate diagnoses, more effective and targeted treatments, and predict and prevent the progression of symptoms,” she says.

Twenty years after the publication of the first draft of the human genome, genomics has been synonymous with the future of medicine. Medicine, while intriguingly familiar, has always seemed invisible to most patients and doctors.

The NHS Genomic Medicine Service, launched in 2018, aimed to change that by integrating genomics into everyday clinical care. “We are transforming the tools clinicians need to provide better patient care, including whole-genome sequencing (WGS), large cancer panels, and RNA sequencing for rare diseases,” said Hill. We are providing more information about the state and condition.” how best to treat them. “

The service made headlines in October when it announced the launch of a nationwide rapid WGS scheme for babies and children born with serious or rare diseases. NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard hailed the moment as a “world first” and “a new era in genomic medicine”. On the same day, NHS England launched her five-year genomics strategy.1

Below are some of the ways this technology is already being integrated into the NHS to benefit its patients, and some of the ways it is likely to be in the near future.

The practice of genomic medicine

Faster, more democratic diagnosis of rare diseases

There are approximately 7000 rare diseases, most of which are hereditary. They may be rare individually, but they…

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