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World Alzheimer Report 2022: Report launch and panel discussion

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of World Alzheimer’s Report 2022 Continuing from last year, focusing on post-diagnosis support diagnostic report.

The annual report faces perhaps the greatest challenges facing the global dementia community today and examines areas of planning, implementation, innovation, gaps, barriers and solutions.

The level and quality of post-diagnosis support varies widely around the world. Obvious gaps in the services provided mean that many people with dementia, their caregivers and families do not receive the support and services they need.

However, exemplary models have also emerged in some countries, and this report aims to highlight these models by shedding light on innovation across sectors and providing solutions to incredibly complex and challenging areas. further verify.

The report launch webinar will be attended by many of the report’s lead authors, including Dr. Serge Gauthier and former caregiver Claire Webster from McGill University in Montreal. We will also hear testimonies of lived experiences from people living with dementia and from many of the authors of the expert essays in the report.

A panel discussion will focus on the report’s key findings and recommendations, asking how they can radically improve the post-diagnosis experience around the world, especially in line with WHO’s Action Areas 4 and 5. Global Action Plan on Dementia.

Key areas of focus for the World Alzheimer’s Report 2022 include:
  • Impact of diagnosis on people with dementia, caregivers and families
  • Medical, emotional and practical considerations in early, middle and late stages of dementia. different forms of dementia
  • Current and future pharmacological, cognitive and multidomain interventions in dementia
  • Introducing models of care from around the world and the impact of culture and society on post-diagnosis support for people with dementia
  • Importance of dementia education

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