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150-foot Asteroid heading for Earth, just days after HORROR asteroid HITS planet, says NASA

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Horrifyingly, NASA has revealed that an asteroid has indeed hit Earth. Now NASA warns that a 150-foot-wide asteroid is heading towards us.

Horrifyingly, just hours before the asteroid hit Earth, NASA realized that it was on a collision course with Earth and was certain to hit. An asteroid impact on November 19 brightened the skies of southern Ontario, Canada, and stunned people watched. The asteroid that hit Earth was named 2022 WJ1. Thankfully, it didn’t harm anyone, but NASA scientists say it “streaked across the high skies of Earth’s atmosphere, broke apart, and flew a small meteorite to the southern shoreline of Lake Ontario.” A surprising fact? The asteroid was detected just three and a half hours before impact. The reason for the lucky ending was that the asteroid was about 1 meter (3 feet) wide. NASA has revealed that a 150-foot asteroid is now approaching Earth.

NASA is tasked with tracking all near-Earth objects, such as asteroids and comets, that can survive through Earth’s atmosphere and pose a threat to Earth. NASA’s JPL Watch Board gives advance notice of upcoming potentially dangerous asteroids. The next terrifying asteroid is coming tomorrow, moving at a terrifying speed of 39204 km/h. The asteroid was named 2022 WO4 with a diameter of 150 feet. Data from NASA’s Asteroid Watch dashboard show the asteroid coming as close as 2.61 million miles to Iras. So is it dangerous for the planet?

NASA determines whether an asteroid is a potentially dangerous asteroid based on its closest approach, where the asteroid falls within 4.6 million miles (7.5 million kilometers) of Earth and is greater than about 150 meters in size. Asteroid 2022 WO4 is therefore a potential threat to Earth. That’s why NASA is keeping an active eye on this approaching asteroid. The chances of this asteroid passing by are high, and the chances of it deviating close to Earth like the asteroid that crashed a few days ago are slim at this point.

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Was such an asteroid first discovered in 2008, like this recent asteroid tracked just before it hit Earth? It was TC3. It was an asteroid 13 feet wide or 4 meters wide, scattered across the Nubian Desert into hundreds of small meteorites.

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