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Artemis Takeoff Causes Severe Damage To NASA Launch Pad

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SonicSpike shares a report from Futurism. Looks like NASA’s Artemis 1 rocket launch pad Takes more damage than expected When we finally took off from the Kennedy Space Center last weekas Reuters Space Reporter Joey Roulette murmureda source within the agency said the damage to the launch pad “became beyond the expectations of mission management,” and by his account sounds pretty serious.

“An explosion-proof elevator door was blown off, various pipes were broken, and several large metal plates were left behind.” Summary of NASA statement NASA admitted that the launch pad elevator was not working because a “pressure wave” blew the blast door away. , officials claim it “posed no additional risk” to the mission. But despite these optimistic claims, the reporter revealed that NASA seems very enthusiastic about them. Didn’t photograph the Artemis Launch Tower –And now, with these preliminary reports of how messed up it looks, we may find out why.

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