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Astronomers Find Rare Star System That Will Trigger a Kilonova

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An artist’s representation of a binary stay system called CPD-29 2176.
figure: noir lab

the universe is No shortage of strange things, and researchers at the National Science Foundation’s NOIRLab observed another in the form of a particular binary star system. This system, called CPD-29 2176, Ultimately, it triggers a celestial event known as a kilonova. Two neutron stars collide in a massive explosion, forming heavy elements such as gold and platinum..

CPD-29 2176 lies about 11,400 light-years away. from the earth and was It was discovered by researchers using NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory.astronomer at the time More observations were made at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory at NOIRLab, Chile. CPD-29 2176 has one neutron star, one giant star in the process of exploding supernova, and will eventually become a second neutron star. Eventually, two neutron stars will collide and produce a kilonova. Explosions believed to occur burst of gamma rays When lots of gold and platinumThe paper documenting the research team’s findings is Published today in Nature.

“We know that the Milky Way contains at least 100 billion stars, and possibly hundreds of billions more. This amazing binary system is essentially a 1 in 10 billion system.” NOIRLab Press ReleaseShené is an astronomer at NOIRLab and author of the study. “Prior to our study, it was estimated that there should be only one or two such systems in a spiral galaxy like the Milky Way.”

many star implodes was The dying star of CPD-29 2176 is becoming a powerful supernova. Extremely stripped supernovae lack the enormous power of typical supernovae. Because a dying star has much of its mass stripped by its comrades. The researchers believe that the neutron stars in this system also formed in supernova supernovae, and they argue that this is why CPD-29 2176 can remain as a binary star.— A typical supernova has enough power to push a companion star out of its orbit.

“Modern neutron stars must form without ejecting companions from their systems. Supernova explosions are the best explanation for why these companions are in such narrow orbits.”“To make a kilonova one day, the other star must also explode as a supernova supernova so that the two neutron stars can eventually collide and merge.”

It takes about one million years for a supernova explosion to become a neutron star. That’s when two stars begin to swirl around each other and eventually become metallic.– According to research, it produces kilonovaIn these dramatic cosmic endings, we look forward to creating the same elements that make life possible.

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