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Business stable for Canoe Forest Products in Salmon Arm despite some industry closures

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So far, Canoe Forest Products Ltd. in Canoe, one of Salmon Arm’s largest employers, has done well.

While BC companies such as Canfor and Tolko have been in the news recently with plant closures and extended closures, Canoe Forest Products, a plywood/veneer mill about five kilometers east of downtown Salmon Arm, has remained stable. stay.

For example, during Christmas, which happened in the past, the plants did not stop for an extra hour.

“Plywood holds up better than some other commodities in terms of volume and price,” said general manager Marcello Angelozzi. “We are pretty stable in terms of sales.

He said no changes to shifts or staffing are currently being considered.

Canoe Forest Products is a member of the Gorman Group of Companies and also has operations in West Kelowna, Revelstoke, Lumby and Oroville, Washington.

Sister companies such as Revelstoke’s Downey Timber have seen some contractions over the past year due to market slowdowns, Angelozzi said.

“We’re not spared as a group…in terms of wood, they feel it more than we do,” he said of the canoe factory.

The group’s temporary closure and job cuts are currently market-driven, he said.

Currently, in this industry, some companies are not growing enough in sales and prices are below the value of their business.

Currently, Canoe Forest Products has approximately 200 employees. Across Canada, we sell nearly 100% of our products domestically.

Angelozzi said the long-term problem will be the fiber supply – the trees.

He said the combination of reduced annual cut allowances and postponement of old growth could have a significant impact on future fiber supplies.

Annual allowable harvest is defined as the annual amount of timber that can be harvested on a sustainable basis within a defined forest area. Postponing old growth is a suspension or suspension of logging that helps protect ecosystems while indigenous peoples, states, and other partners develop new approaches to managing old growth forests.

According to Angelozzi, the industry must adapt to the new reality of less fiber.

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