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Cosmic Club – Trottier Institute for Research on Exoplanets

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the cosmic club Online astronomy activities in English for kids ages 8-12Online club meetings are held on YouTube where you can chat with us and fellow club members! Can’t come to a club meeting? no problem!rewatch online YouTube channel.

Host of this virtual meeting natalie WelletAstrophysicist and iREx Associate Director, Trevor Kyorien, Amateur Astronomer Plateau Astro.

At club meetings, Natalie and Trevor answer space questions, share amazing space facts and stories, and challenge club members to astronomy challenges for a chance to win space prizes!

Cosmic Club #3: Eclipse Special

The third time is a solar eclipse special! A solar eclipse will occur on the morning of June 10, 2021. I will explain why and how to observe it.

Cosmic Club #2: Moon and Earth

At the second meeting, we talked about moon phases, solar eclipses, moonrises, and all the amazing things we can observe through the Earth-Moon system.

Cosmic Club #1: Dwarf Planet

Our first conference includes a special segment on dwarf planets!

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