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Elon Musk Behind the Spiral Object in the Sky

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In the state of Hawaii, USA, it became clear that there is a spiral object that emits blue light in the sky.

Scientists recently observed a spiral-shaped object scattering blue light around it in the skies of Hawaii, USA.

Additionally, the event, which was witnessed by a large number of citizens, generated a huge reaction on social media and several allegations were filed.

There have been many posts stating that the mysterious object could be an extraterrestrial object.

Elon Musk turns out to have a rocket

It turns out that the image that surprised the researchers occurred after the launch of the SpaceX rocket.

space xowned by a billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musklaunched a GPS satellite into space. us space force lWednesday.

The unusual blue object in the sky was captured by the Subaru Telescope atop Mauna Kea shortly after the satellite’s launch.

The researchers interpreted the spiral shape as the upper stage of the Falcon 9, expelling unwanted fuel during its long descent into the ocean.

Rocket fuel freezes during launch and crystallizes into spirals, officials said. And it reflects the sun’s rays and shines dazzlingly.

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