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Japanese cubesat sends home pics from far side of the Moon • The Register

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Japan’s Equilibrium Moon-Earth Point 6U spacecraft (EQUEELEUS), one of ten CubeSat payloads aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft, successfully sent back to Earth a picture of the far side of the Moon.

According to the mission, the image was taken during a radio operation test on November 22 during a flyby from an altitude of about 5,550 km above the moon.

A second tweet revealed more images.

The lunar rover will be deployed to measure plasma in the Earth/Moon system and will do so with an ultra-high speed camera, ultraviolet telescope and dust sensors mounted in a small 6U cubesat body.

So far, unlike other Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) 6U CubeSats aboard Orion, the mission is showing signs of progressing well. Hospitalityalso known as the outstanding lunar exploration technology demonstrated by the nanosemi-hard impactor.

I meant to treat you crash The lunar landing was softened by inflatable airbags and a shock-absorbing system, where monitors and accelerometers were used to study lunar surface radiation.

This mission was designed to demonstrate the use of low-cost technology to land and explore the lunar surface.

Unfortunately, the CubeSat’s radio did not respond after launch. According to JAXA, Omotenashi failed to send the command to initiate the landing sequence while in orbit it was well positioned to activate its thrusters.

Tuesday, JAXA Said Despite missing an opportunity to land on the moon, Omotenashi continues to perform radiation measurements outside the Earth’s magnetosphere. This is an objective that can be performed in flight, along with technology demonstrations that do not require a moon landing.

The space organization has established a hospitality response team to investigate the cause of the failure and take further action. ®

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