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Man drops egg from space and it miraculously doesn’t crack

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Mankind has truly reached the final frontier of discovery, as a former NASA engineer successfully dropped an egg from space without breaking it.

ex-NASA Turned from Apple engineer to YouTuber mark rover Many people wanted to do as much as possible at school the experiment of sending an egg into space and then plummeting back toward the earth.

of experiment Attempted was a modest egg drop. The challenge was to build a contraption that could contain a raw egg and keep it safe from cracking after being dropped from the highest height.

Many of you may have done this in school and learned a valuable lesson about how chaos can occur when an egg breaks, and how great a well-constructed contraption can be.

Mark wanted to go all egg-dropping grandpa.His first idea was to drop an egg from the world’s tallest building, which is now the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

A balloon could carry the egg into space and launch it to Earth. Credit: YouTube/Mark Rober

At 2,717 feet (828 meters) tall, it’s a monumental structure, but there’s always the possibility that someone will come along and build something taller.

With that in mind, Mark decided to take things to the next level and drop an egg from. space instead.

A former NASA engineer’s plan was to stuff the egg into a rocket, balloon it into space, and then send the rocket back to Earth.

the idea is egg rocket Land on a very soft landing pad that prevents the egg from shattering on impact.

One of the key things Mark had to deal with was protecting the eggs on their journey into space. Because I needed to insulate the eggs for the trip.

Houston, we have eggs. Credit: YouTube/Mark Rober
Houston, we have eggs. Credit: YouTube/Mark Rober

The experiment nearly suffered a disaster after a problem occurred with a weather balloon designed to lift the eggs into space.

On its two-hour ascent from ground to space, it twisted a string wrapped around a string designed to pull the balloon down, and the force of the string pulled the string, causing the balloon to collapse.

The whole began to fall to Earth at 150 mph, but never fell apart or separated properly.

All hope rested on the possibility of the Egg rocket being able to fire freely and land independently.

Opening the locket, Mark was able to reach inside and take out one apparently unbroken egg, and all was well.

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