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ProGen AI just successfully imitated human evolution

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Artificial intelligence has skyrocketed in popularity in recent months and even years, and as programs like ChatGPT continue to dominate headlines in news cycles and other parts of life, AI is taking hold. increase. Now, in a shocking experiment, researchers are successfully using AI to mimic human evolution, and the results may be better than reality.

To be clear here, we’re not talking about AI building crazy superhumans or anything like that.This is not a plot of terminator It’s a movie Scientists have created a liquefying robot as seen in some movies. terminator flickInstead, we’re talking about AI mimicking human evolution by designing sequences of the 20 amino acids that make up proteins.

Researchers were then able to compare the AI-created proteins to those naturally produced through human evolution. This discovery was quite astonishing.Scientists published their findings in the journal nature biotechnologyoutlines how AI could mimic human evolution.

AI is becoming more and more impressive as scientists find new ways to use it to their advantage.Image Source: phonlamaiphoto/Adobe

They didn’t create a whole new AI to pull this off. Instead, we used an existing language model. Researchers used ProGen, a natural language model created by Salesforce. Thus, AI mimicking human evolution was not much different from ChatGPT and other language models. This makes the discovery even more impressive.

The researchers started by training ProGen with 280 million proteins. From here, the AI ​​was “iteratively optimized by learning to predict the probability of the next amino acid given past amino acids in the raw sequence,” the paper explains. Ultimately, the team focused on his five specific engineered proteins. This helped allow AI to mimic human evolution very effectively.

Even more impressive, Salesforce estimates that about 73% of ProGen-made proteins are functional, compared to just 59% of native proteins. So it seems that AI could detect evolutionary patterns and even mimic human evolution.

Other AIs like ChatGPT continue to wow the public, even lawmakers Create law with ChatGPTWith the success of AI, it’s not hard to see why Some Scientists Believe AI Will Destroy Humanity.

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