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The once-in-a-lifetime green comet threatens FOMO sufferers everywhere

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One night only! Meet C/2022 E3 (her friends call her Green Comet for short).

who is she? A celestial event of unprecedented potential. Instead, you can trade the typical evening blue light for a green light.

  • C/2022 E3 is Bright green nucleus and long faint ion tail.
  • Discovered in March 2022 and visible with telescopes. But Wednesday night, the comet was poised to be the most visible to the naked eye in the northern hemisphere transit.
  • It was the first time (at least in thousands of years) that a comet crossed the Earth. And you have to see!
  • what’s the big deal? Little is known about C/2022 E3, but its long orbit appears to be far from the outer extent of the Solar System. Then, according to The Planetary Society, it’s headed for the Sun.

  • It was discovered by astronomers Bryce Bolin and Frank Masti at the Zwicky Transient Facility on Mount Palomar, California.
  • It was now visible from just 26.4 million miles away. It will be closest to Earth on its journey.
  • The comet hasn’t been this close since the Paleolithic. You’ll see the sky the same color as the little freaks you remember long ago. like this guy.
  • what are people saying?

    “If C/2022 E3 has ever passed through our solar system, it was last seen in the sky more than 10,000 years ago.”

    — Jon Giorgini, Senior Analyst at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said: told NPR

    “If you look south of the Big Dipper, near Caropardaris, you can find the comet. If you can find the North Star, you can follow it just south of the Big Dipper.”

    — Bryce Bolin, one of the astronomers who discovered comets, said to washington post

    What should I do then? The best bet to see the comet was between Wednesday and Thursday, February 1-2. The glow was supposed to be most visible against the night sky, but that could vary depending on how cloudy your area is.

  • Observers in the northern hemisphere may have begun to see the comet’s faint glow in the morning sky. According to NASAIn the following days, the Southern Hemisphere may have a better chance in their turn.
  • A comet might get enough energy to fly out of the solar system or stay in an elliptical orbit to make another trip around the sun, says Giorgini.
  • Bathed in a hazy green light, don’t file tax on timethe green comet soars there for many more years.
  • Ethan Miller/Getty Images


    Getty Images

    Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) may look pretty dazzling in NASA photos, but this one shows more of what’s visible in tonight’s sky. #nofilter

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