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This Is What a Solar Eclipse Looks Like From the Surface of Mars

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this story is part welcome to marsour series exploring the Red Planet.

A solar eclipse on Earth is very round. round sun. round moon. On Mars it’s a little different. NASA’s Perseverance rover captured the eclipse as the red planet’s potato-shaped moon Phobos crossed the Sun and blocked an uneven portion of the solar disk.

Space enthusiasts spotted the eclipse in raw images captured by the rover on November 18.planetary scientist Paul Byrne likened that view To “googly eyes”.

Image processing device Kevin Gill put the shots together It was converted into a short video showing Phobos moving across the Sun, giving humans back on Earth a good sense of what an eclipse would look like from the surface of Mars.

Phobos is one of two moons of Mars. Its surface is cratered and grooved, with a maximum width of just 27 kilometers (17 miles). The moon orbits very close to Mars, Leads to destruction due to stress One day. But that is millions of years into the future. In the meantime, you can enjoy the rover’s perspective as Phobos passes in front of the Sun.

Perseverance explores Jezero Crater, a fascinating region with aquatic history. The rover is collecting rock samples. Searching for evidence of ancient microbial life You can study landscapes, but documenting what’s happening in the Martian sky, like a solar eclipse, takes time.

A robot from another planet saw a solar eclipse and shared it with us. Go ahead and stare in wonder.

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