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What Muscles Does A Deadlift Work? Trainers Explain

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Deadlifts may seem like an intimidating move for serious weightlifters in the gym. But once you understand how to deadlift, and all the muscles it works, it will quickly become something you’ll be excited to add to your workout routine.

Simply put, deadlift it’s a hip hinge compound exercisewhich means it works on many parts of the body at once. Brittany Geary ACE Certified Personal Trainer ladies who liftUnlike isolation exercises that work one muscle at a time, like the biceps, the deadlift accomplishes a lot at once.

Doing a round of deadlifts effectively exercise the hamstringsglutes, back, hips, core, and, further, Geary tells Bustle.of hamstrings, also known as the muscles in the back of the leg that contract and lengthen when you lift or lower your weight. Press the floor with your feet to lighten your glutes. It also works with your back and core to stabilize your spine and maintain good lifting form.

Doing this exercise also brings a lot of attention to your lower back. “The hip hinge is the dominant move, so you’re using your hips 100%,” says Geary. ” hip flexor is activated, allowing you to bend and stretch your body. ” Doing deadlifts on a regular basis, Geary says it helps reduce back painthanks to the movement Strengthen the rear chainAnd as an added bonus, deadlifts also work grab muscles with hands, as you hold the barbell through each set. Read on for everything you need to know about multi-faceted deadlift exercises.

how to deadlift

Before you start, choose a weight that you can lift relatively easily across your assigned reps, but it starts to feel difficult at the end. “But I want to make sure it’s not impossible,” Geary says. , Geary details the classic deadlift method with a barbell, but you can use dumbbells or kettlebells instead.

– Stand with your feet hip-width apart.

– Walk up to the barbell and stop when the bar is in the middle of your feet.

– Push your hips forward so that they form a straight line somewhere between your shoulders and your knees.

-Keep your knees softly bent.

– Reach down and grab the bar or weight with an overhand grip. Your hands should be placed just outside your knees.

– Pull your knees apart until they touch your forearms, creating tension in your body.

– Squeeze your lats and pull your shoulders down and away from your ears.

– Take a deep breath in through your nose and tighten your core.

– Push your lower body into the floor as you drag the barbell or weight.

– Keep your arms straight and the weights always close to your body.

– Once upright, tilt the hinges forward at a 45 degree angle to bring the bar back to the ground.

– Maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement.

– Aim to do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

How to fix deadlift

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If you’re still learning or just want a more relaxing day at the gym, lifting just the barbell with no weights on it will make things easier. lifting straps To help your grip, says Geary, or use lifting belt Helps tighten your core. Alternatively, you can use light dumbbells.

To make the deadlift more challenging, Geary adds weight, reps, tempo, and more. one leg deadlift with dumbbells or kettlebells. Whatever variation you try, be sure to pay attention to your form, she says.

Common deadlift mistakes to avoid

It may be tempting to round your shoulders as you lift, but try not to do so. “This puts you in a dangerous position where you use your upper body to lift the weight instead of using your lower body to lift it off the floor,” says Geary.

Knees and hips are also often wrapped in the wrong places. According to Geary, you don’t want your hips pushing forward at the peak of the motion. This causes the spine to move out of its neutral position. Instead, it’s best to keep your ribs in line with your hip bones.

Being a hip hinge exercise, you won’t see much knee movement in the deadlift. Your knees should be kept a little soft, but most of the movement is done in your hips. “Your shins should be kept vertical and your knees should not be over the bar,” says Geary. Please keep this checklist in mind.

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Brittany Geary ACE Certified Personal Trainer ladies who lift

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