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Draft List Now Available, Quality Starts and Really Bad Starts (July 31) – DobberHockey

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of fantasy guide It will be ready in a few days (August 5th), but in the meantime you can download the draft list spreadsheet. Inside, you’ll find predictions for numerous categories beyond goals and assists, giving Fantasy his hockey a head start in planning his season.If you have already created one, download it now fantasy guide Buy it or go to the Dobber Sports store to buy it. fantasy guide If you haven’t already!

If you peek refrigeration tools, you’ve probably noticed goalkeeper stats that you don’t usually see, or that are displayed in various formats on other websites. These stats are Quality Starts (QS), Very Bad Starts (RBS), and Goals Saved Above Average (GSAA). We’d like to cover the GSAA another day if possible, but today we’re going to take you through some notable goalkeepers who have had quality starts, bad starts, and really bad starts.

and refrigeration toolswhere Quality Start (QS) is defined as:

  • Games with save percentage above league average
  • Games with less than 20 shots and a save percentage greater than .885

refrigeration tools Next, define Really Bad Start (RBS) as any game with a save rate of less than .850.

Instead of the total quality starts normally earned by the goalkeeper with the highest volume, list quality start percentages (minimum 20 GP) to see if there are any surprises.

name Year team GP QS QS% RBS RBS%
Igor Shestakin 26 NYR 53 37 69.8 Four 7.5
Ilya Sorokin 26 NYI 52 36 69.2 7 13.5
JUUSE Saros 27 NSH 67 43 64.2 8 11.9
Tristan Jarry 27 pit 58 37 63.8 6 10.3
Anton Forsberg 29 OTT 46 29 63 6 13
Andrei Vasilevsky 28 tuberculosis 63 39 61.9 7 11.1
Jacob Markstrom 32 CGYMore 63 38 60.3 6 9.5
Matt Murray 28 Thor 20 12 60 3 15
Ville Fusso 27 DET 40 twenty four 60 3 7.5
Frederick Andersen 32 car 52 31 59.6 Five 9.6

Anton Forsberg Last season, he appeared in more games than any Senator goalkeeper (46 GPs) and finished with the team’s best percentages (2.82 GAA, .917 SV%). Excluding his first six games where quality starts were his only and very bad starts were his two, Forsberg posted his 70 QS% and GAA with his 2.64. , was .921% since December 1. I certainly didn’t know this at the time, nor did I make it a priority at the time, but Forsberg was worthy of a roster spot for much of the season. No, but as a second or third goalkeeper, he hasn’t hurt his team. Still under consideration Cam Talbot Ottawa starter Forsberg is a worthy and deep goalkeeper option.

Matt Murray He also played for the Ottawa Senators last season, so maybe they were a better source of goaltending than you thought? It’s a little smaller. That said, Murray had 12 quality starts versus just 3 really bad starts. The lack of wins (just his 5 wins in 20 games) degraded Murray’s fantasy value, but he should be able to win more with the Leafs. His saves The fact that he scored -0.48 more goals than average shows that he was a league-average goalkeeper when he was not injured.

Next comes the lowest percentage of quality starts.

name Year team GP QS QS% RBS RBS%
Jonas Colpisaro 28 CBJMore twenty two Five 22.7 7 31.8
Nico Dawes twenty one new jersey twenty five 7 28 7 28
Sam Montenbaut twenty five MTL 38 11 28.9 7 18.4
John Gillies 28 ants 20 6 30 Four 20
Ilya Samsonov twenty five Thor 44 14 31.8 Ten 22.7
Mackenzie Blackwood twenty five new jersey twenty five 8 32 3 12
Philip Gulbauer 30 Sea 55 18 32.7 11 20
Chris Dryger 28 Sea 27 9 33.3 Five 18.5
pavel franks 32 Col twenty one 7 33.3 1 4.8
Petr Murazek 30 air 20 7 35 Five twenty five

pavel francesauThe overall season numbers (2.55 GAA, .916 SV%) weren’t too bad. Still, he only scored seven quality starts in 21 games. Of course, it’s not great, but his overall numbers were decent, which is a game where he allowed his 3 goals on his 19 shots, which is a big deal when compared to other really bad starts. It wasn’t a disaster. Between quality starts and really bad starts, there were a lot of average starts. When starting Francouz you should expect average ratios along with a high win rate (15 W in 21 GP). That might be enough to force a timeshare in a Colorado goalie situation (more on other goalies later).

Now let’s see which has the highest percentage of really bad starts.

name Year team GP QS QS% QS pace RBS RBS%
Thomas Grace 36 STL 31 14 45.2 14 Ten 32.3
Jonas Colpisaro 28 CBJMore twenty two Five 22.7 Five 7 31.8
Alexander Georgiev 26 Col 33 13 39.4 13 Ten 30.3
Karel Vezimerka 26 ants 52 twenty two 42.3 twenty two 15 28.8
Nico Dawes twenty one new jersey twenty five 7 28 7 7 28
Dan Vladar twenty four CGYMore twenty three 11 47.8 11 6 26.1
Petr Murazek 30 air 20 7 35 7 Five twenty five
Marc André Fleury 37 minimum 56 28 50 28 14 twenty five
Cal Petersen 27 LA 37 twenty one 56.8 twenty one 9 24.3
Dustin Tokarsky 32 pit 29 14 48.3 14 7 24.1

Alexander Georgiev He’s moving into a much more goalie-friendly environment in Colorado than he experienced in New York. Igor Shesterkin far ahead of him. Compare his 2021-22 numbers while playing for the same team.

name GP W. L. OTL so GAA SV% QS QS%
Igor Shestakin 53 35 13 Four 6 2.07 0.935 37 69.8
Alexander Georgiev 33 16 Ten 2 2 2.92 0.898 13 39.4

This is an almost perfect goal difference per game allowed, and when it comes to saving percentages, they are on vastly different tiers. I think it will shrink somewhat.That being said, I wouldn’t draft Georgiev that high Darcy Kempel Selected last season (top 50 players in many leagues).

you may remember Marc André FleuryIn a rough start to Chicago last season, he allowed at least four goals in his first four games (2 RBS). After being traded to the Wild, he posted his 9-2-0 record. However, three of these appearances had very poor starts compared to his five starts of quality (one of his very poor starts turned out to be a win). did). Fleury’s worth will definitely improve with a move to Minnesota, but be careful not to overestimate him.

Finally, the ones with the lowest percentage of really bad starts are:

name Year team GP QS QS% QS pace RBS RBS%
Scott Wedgwood 29 Dar 37 16 43.2 16 1 2.7
Auntie Laanta 33 car 28 14 50 14 1 3.6
pavel franks 32 Col twenty one 7 33.3 7 1 4.8
Linus Urmark 28 boss 41 19 46.3 19 3 7.3
Ville Fusso 27 DET 40 twenty four 60 twenty four 3 7.5
Igor Shestakin 26 NYR 53 37 69.8 37 Four 7.5
Jacob Markstrom 32 CGYMore 63 38 60.3 38 6 9.5
Frederick Andersen 32 car 52 31 59.6 31 Five 9.6
Semyon Varlamov 34 NYI 31 16 51.6 16 3 9.7
Elvis Melzrikins 28 CBJMore 59 29 49.2 29 6 10.2

Sometimes a goalie does everything he can to keep his team from losing, but it’s still not enough. Scott Wedgwood He had the bad luck of spending most of the season with the Devils and Coyotes, and predictably he was tagged with more losses than wins (10-14-3). Still, it was only his one time he got off to a really bad start in his 37 games.Wedgwood backup expected Jake Ettinger Perhaps he deserves a little more credit in terms of factoring into the Stars’ goaltending equation this season in Dallas. Expectations for the start of should be an average result that doesn’t waste a week.

I have pavel francesau Also. Aunty Ranta Only one bad start in 28 games.Clearly there are lingering worries that he will leave the game with an injury. Frederick Andersen I couldn’t sleep even after starting the handcuffed ranta. In fact, this goaltending his tandem helped me win the league championship. If Raanta is available in your league, it can also be considered a solid streaming start.

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