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PFL 6 live stream results, full fight play-by-play updates | Harrison vs. Young

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The Professional Fighters League (PFL) will return tonight (July 1, 2022) with a regular assortment of actions on Friday night. The welterweight and women’s lightweights will have floors tonight, leading to the main event between two-time tournament champion Kayla Harrison and 15-year veteran Kaitlin Young.

MMAmania.com Provides live results and an overall real-time live broadcast PFL 6 The following main cards will start at ESPN’s 8 pm ET. ESPN +.. It also quickly provides the undercard results for “Prelims”. ESPN +Streaming will start at 6 pm ET.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Rory MacDonald will face Sadie Bousai in a joint main event, and former PFL champion Ray Cooper III will face Verator graduate Brett Cooper one match before another former tournament champion. Magomedo Magomedo Kerimov will open. Dilano Taylor, the main card on the other side of the late shift.

PFL 6 Rapid results:

Kayla Harrison vs. Kaitlin Young — Harrison def.Young at TKO (punch) at 2:35 in Round One
Rory MacDonald vs. Sadibou Sy — Sydef. McDonald’s (30-27 x3, 29-28) by unanimous decision
Brett Cooper vs. Ray Cooper III — Cooper III def.Cooper with Round One 0:24 TKO (knees and punches)
Magomed Magomedkerimov vs. Dilano Taylor — Magomedkerimovdef.Taylor by TKO (punch) at 3:26 in Round 2
Larissa Pacheco vs. Jenna Fabian — Pachecodef.Fabian by TKO (punch) at 2:39 in Round One
Jara al Shirawi versus. Magomed Umalatov — Umalatovdef. Al-Silawi by KO (Punch) Round One 3:33
Marina Mokuna Tokina versus. Abigail Montes — Mokhnatkinadef. Montes by division decision (30-27, 27-30, 30-27)
Martina Jindrowa versus. Zamzagul Fayzallanova — Jindrovadef. Fayzallanova by TKO (punch) at 4:04 in Round One
Helena Kolesnik versus. Vanessa Melo — Kolesnykdef. Melo by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

PFL6 round-by-round coverage

£ 155: Kate Harrison vs. Caitlin Young

Round 1: Harrison is about to strike early. Her powerful double legs put her on top of the side controls. As Young tries to work upwards, her landing punches. Half guard 2 minutes. Put her hook in and drop her right hand. With a full back mount, keep punching until the reflex is inserted.

Final result: Harrison def. Young by TKO (punch)

£ 170: Rory MacDonald vs. Sadibou Sy

Round 1: An early single leg attempt from McDonald’s. Trying to move to double and calming down by putting him on the fence. In 1 minute. They separate. Sy fires a quick head kick and then clinches again. McDonald’s falls to the mat and tries to get a better angle, but it still takes less than two minutes. Sy reverses and reverses in order. McDonald’s kneels him with two minutes remaining.

They resume in the central range. Sy draws a circle away from the combo and shoots a low kick. McDonald’s shot again and was rejected again. 1 minute left. They separate. Jab straight to the right and behind Sy. In return, a solid body kick from McDonald’s. A short right to the fence. Sy pops him at the counter just before being clinched. 10-9Sy.

Round 2: Both start by trying the front kick. McDonald put him back on the fence. 1 minute. Continue pushing Sy against the fence. In 2 minutes. More the same. Sy tries to reverse with 2 minutes remaining.

Sy pushes him away. Head kick attempt. In return, head right from McDonald’s. Sue’s jabs and hooks, long uppercuts just miss. McDonald’s on the body. 1 minute left. McDonald’s looks for another leg. Go back to crushing against the fence. 10-9 McDonald’s.

Round 3: McDonald’s puts pressure on him, landing a great overhand to the right and shooting in again. In 1 minute. They separate. A body kick attempt from Sy. Another clinch, this time Sy is pressing. Jockey in position. Rear waist lock for McDonald’s. In 2 minutes. Knees on the body. Sy embarks on a journey to Half Guard with two minutes remaining.

McDonald’s works upwards, puts him on the fence, and again kneels Sy in the crap. There is no point deduction yet. Sy’s body kick avoiding the front kick. He attempts to shoot, is fenced and separated. His head and body kick from Sy and then jab quickly as they tie. 1 minute left. McDonald’s tries to throw an exit. Quick jab after missing a low kick and head kick from Sy. In return, McDonald’s kneels on his body. Sy puts things together with a pair of body kicks. This is the end of McDonald’s career’s most fan-friendly performance. 10-9Sy.

Final result: Sydef.McDonald’s by unanimous decision

£ 170: Brett Cooper vs. Ray Cooper III

Round 1: Cooper III smashes out and absolutely starts the tee off at the fence. Cooper tries to throw him back, but Cooper III folds him with his knees and body shots and then polishes him.

Final result: Cooper III def. Cooper (knees and punches) by TKO

£ 170: Magomed Magomedkerimov vs. Dilano Taylor

Round 1: Quick jab from Taylor. Magomedkerimov wades in with a combo and lands the left hook. In 1 minute. Both men are sitting outside the impressive range. No short-term collisions or takedowns occur. Quick replacement at the center. Magomed Kerimov tries a head kick and eats a low kick. The slow-paced first round. The body is shot into the clinch and cannot land to the right at the exit. 2 minutes left.

The Flying Switch Kick attempt catches Taylor in the crotch, but he chooses to continue. Great surprise takedown by Magomedkerimov. Stand on Taylor near the cage and stay alert and calm. A solid standing punch from Magomedkerimov gives Taylor a chance to scramble, but he’s quickly returned to guard. 10-9 Magomedokerimov.

Round 2: Magomed Kerimov’s low kick land. 1-2 seconds high and low from Taylor. The heavy counter on the right side of Magomedkerimov answers a low kick in the 1st minute. Long 1-2 is not enough. Two minutes of sin. Return to touch sparring. Taylor tries another naked low kick, and Magomed Kerimov makes the same counter land with great effect. Taylor almost put Matt in the hut, but he managed to find his feet again. 2 minutes left.

Another big right hand from Magomedkerimov. Flying knee makes a mistake, but another big right lands cleanly. Taylor stood up and the referee stepped into the standing TKO.

Final result: Magomedkerimovdef. Taylor by TKO (Punch)

£ 155: Larissa Pacheco vs Jenna Fabian

Round 1: Pacheco goes fast. She stumbles Fabian with her inner low kick and then rocks her with a hard combo that forces Fabian to shoot. Pacheco denies it, she moves to the rear body lock and drops it on the mount towards the fence. She has a triangle on her arm for her and she wraps it. She can’t move to side control because Cage and Fabian make it stronger. She was caught in a half guard and is still squeezing. Returning to her mount, she supports punching and letting go of it until her reference intervenes.

Final result: Pachecodef. Fabian (punch) by TKO

£ 170: Jarrah Al-Silawi vs. Magomed Umalatov

Round 1: Temporary start. In one minute, the strike was not thrown. Umaratov punches the clinch towards the fence. Separation. A low kick from Al Silawi. In 2 minutes. Ref wants action, the crowd is angry. Mid-butt low kick from Umaratov. A decent clinch knee. Al Shirawi will be back in a jab. 2 minutes left.

Umaratov looks for 1-2-3. Alsilawi catches one of his kicks, but Umaratov intoxicates him with a short backfist that shorts him. Umaratov chased him, unknowingly bombed him, and put an end to the sudden and boring battle.

Final result: Umaratov def. Al-Silawi by KO (punch)

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