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The “Dog Days of August” dish roster decisions during Ken Holland’s summer holidays: 9 Things

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Dog Day in August has arrived.

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For baseball, it means the grind to the pennant has begun in earnest.

But when it comes to hockey in 2022, all the economic and scheduling impacts caused by COVID-19 mean a late and unusually active summer.

So with August just a day away, where do the Oilers sit on our calendar?

Read all about it in this week’s issue…

9 things

9. Don’t expect the 2021 Oilers 1st round draft pick Xavier Burgaud He will be playing for the Canadian World Junior Team this summer. Bourgow has a ticket to Bakersfield this season, but his chances of playing in Edmonton are out.

8. Former Oilers interim head coach Todd Nelson I am on the move. According to ESPN’s Kevin Weeks, Nelson is poised to become his boss on the new bench of the AHL’s Hershey Bears. Most recently, Nelson was an assistant coach for the Dallas Stars.

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7. Meanwhile, the Oilers are switching ECHL affiliates from the Wichita Thunder to the Fort Wayne Comets.the coach there Ben Boudreau, Blues “There it is” Boudreau son. The Comets won his ECHL championship in 2020-21 and have an excellent development program.

6. Another addition to the Oilers’ NHL coaching staff. Mark Stewart, a veteran of 673 NHL regular season games.I see this Jay Woodcroft “Man,” the coach he would have requested Ken Holland Hospitality. Stuart was an assistant coach at the University of Vermont. Todd Woodcroft, Jay’s brother. A solid reference.

5. “Popular” doesn’t win many hockey games (at least by itself). But the Oilers’ new starting netminder certainly brings his past teammates’ accolades.and given wood Zach Hyman character, his support Jack Campbelll There is some weight. Perhaps the most accurate determination is whether a player is a “professional” and doing the right things on and off the ice to help the club succeed. You still have to run, but there are steps and stairs to get there.

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4. Smoke continues to be visible around Edmonton, Phil KesselThere are some interesting things about this heavily maligned player. he knows how to score. He has his marker of 399 his NHL regular season. And he is durable. His 4.6 S% (less than half his 10.8 career average) is an anomaly, some say as a result of playing for a bad team. can be But it can also indicate that the player is not getting to the right place fast enough. Which one is Kessel?

3. Jesse Purjujärvi The new one-year, $3 million deal will do one of two things: secure a right-hand spot in the Oilers’ middle six for next season, or make him more tradeable. With many clubs over the cap, knowing the exact number of Purjujärvi’s appearances would be an advantage on the trade front. There has been a stir around Montreal and Purjujärvi at his table this summer. And neither club’s roster is “finished” yet. Where there is smoke, there may be fire.

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2. August 7th teeth Kailer Yamamoto’s Arbitration Hearing Date. These things can never be ruled out, but I’d be surprised if it went that far.Instead, expect the winger to get his $3 million-plus multi-year extension. In the team’s mind, there is not much doubt that Yamamoto was right. A complementary player, Yamamoto is a preferred linemate in 5v5, making him his killer especially with good penalties. He was also a half-point game player in the playoffs. But beware of recency bias. Just as Purjujärvi’s season was coming to an end, Yamamoto struggled to pull through.

1. some Tyson Barry traded as one solution to what’s been plaguing Ken Holland’s salary cap headache. Evan Bouchard Primary skill sets are redundant. And Barry’s her $4.5 million cap hit (two more seasons) is a factor in this era. There is no doubt that Bouchard will take positive steps into his 2021-22 and will do even better as his game matures. But compared to the other options Ken Holland has available on the roster, I can’t move on from Barry anytime soon. I say that because I think it’s easy to underestimate some or all of the following things about Tyson Barry and what he did:

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– What Barry is good at: He moves the puck deftly. His powerplay work has been the most talked about most recently, with the powerplay being spoken of in glowing terms by his coach, Glenn Grutzan. But often in a 5v5, the best defense is a good offense. And Barry’s ability to break the puck from his side under pressure is a huge plus, especially for a team that has the firepower up front to do magical things once they’ve got the puck. It’s no wonder you’re not so enthusiastic about search results. But when the puck fits into his stick, good things tend to happen more often than not.

-I agree that Barry’s defensive work won’t win him the Norris Trophy. And Barry shows a strong level of competitiveness. His ability to elevate this part of his game was noted during the playoffs, which were noticeably more competitive than the regular season. Is there any real reason to believe he couldn’t have done this in the regular season?

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– If you trade Tyson Barry, you’ll need to replace him. But if you’re trading a guy like Barry to accommodate the salaries of other players already on the roster, what’s left to fill the third-place position? he might be found probably. But could the new guy even come close to the ability of the pack in 683 his games his entire NHL career, as Barry has? Be careful what you want.

-No RHD waiting in the wings for the jump from AHL to NHL. Vincent Descharnet Bakersfield had a 5-22-27 season in 66 games.You can consider moving Philip Broberg But will that put Broberg where your valuable prospects are most likely to succeed? So who will fill 3LD’s spot?

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-I agree that Evan Bouchard has a great power play tool. But let’s just say he got hurt. it happens. Or he retreats. Or he just starts getting cold. Then what? In 2021-22, Bouchard, Barry, Darnell Nurse and Duncan Keith were all viable PP QBs of varying quality. Without both Barry and Keith in the 2022-23 season, Bouchard’s only realistic option is Nurse…he’s already playing 25 and a half minutes each night. Not the best passer in.

– Finally, consider the relative value of replacement players when building your roster. Sure, you can (essentially) swap the RHD for a middle 6 winger. But there’s a reason why his right-hand man, the D-men, tends to be held in high esteem. there are few of them. In today’s NHL, it’s a 60-40 split. But there is no shortage of wingers.

So with all of this, are you saying Tyson Barry will never, or should never, be traded? I’ve been in the game long enough to know there are no guarantees, even as a core member of the club.

Stop being blinded by your new brilliance. In the process, underestimate what Tyson Barry really brings.

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