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5 best GTA Online vehicles from Criminal Enterprises update

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GTA Online has showcased many summer vehicles over the past few months, but only a few really stand out.release of sentinel classic widebody It’s the beginning of the end for the Criminal Enterprises DLC. The latest update contains 18 vehicles.

With that in mind, GTA Online players should look back on their memorable ones.The following list is in no particular order.

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Criminal Enterprises update brings some great vehicles to GTA Online

5) Bravado Greenwood

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Classic muscle cars are direct references to GTA San Andreas. Sweet Johnson was aboard Greenwood during select missions in that game.

With the ability to install the very useful Imani Tech feature, Bravado Greenwood Can be defended with remote control units or missile lock-on jammers. A full upgrade brings the top speed to 118 mph.

Greenwood prices range from $1,098,750 to $1,465,000, depending on whether the player unlocks the trading price. Available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

4) Dinka Postlude

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The Postlude is reminiscent of the boxy car designs of the late 70’s and early 80’s. A top speed of 103 miles per hour isn’t a big deal, but it makes up for it with deep customization. This vehicle has a wide range of custom parts, including sunstrips and splitters.

GTA Online players can head to Southern San Andreas Super Autos and purchase this vehicle for just $1,310,000.

Compared to most vehicles in the Criminal Enterprises DLC, the Postlude is much more affordable, especially at a discounted price of $982,500. Players can unlock it by leveling up the Car Meet Rep in his LS Car Meet.

3) Benefactor SM722

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GTA Online players can finally get their very own version of the Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss. A tasteful throwback to the history of racing in the underworld.

of Benefactor SM722 It is a Grand Tourer with a top speed of 123.75 mph. It’s not the fastest in the sports class, but it’s a visually striking vehicle with some custom features. .

However, it costs over $2,115,000 in Legendary Motorsport, making it one of the more expensive vehicles in the Criminal Enterprises update.

2) Follow 10F

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Sports coupes rarely appear in GTA Online updates. Obey 10F It’s an exhilarating experience. With a top speed of 126 mph, the fully modified vehicle offers players competitive lap times.

Despite its top-heavy design, the 10F doesn’t need a spoiler to maintain proper traction. Speaking of which, Rockstar put a lot of effort into the customization features, so players can immerse themselves in them.

A standard 10F is worth $1,675,000 at Legendary Motorsport. If a player wants the widebody variant Benny’s Original Motors he will have to pay an additional $575,000 at Works.

1) Declasse Vigero ZX

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The Vigero ZX is the bull shark testosterone of a powerful muscle car. HSW upgrades allow drivers to reach a top speed of 157.50 mph. By GTA Online standards, it’s a very fast vehicle.

According to YouTuber Broughy1322, the middle suspension provides extra traction via custom parts from your local mod shop. This makes a slight difference on different types of roads.

players can buy Vigero ZX From Southern San Andreas Super Autos. In total he cost $1,947,000.

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