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Artifact is an AI-driven news aggregation app from the creators of Instagram

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The Instagram co-founders spent a few years in a mostly obscure Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger I’m back with a new project. It’s an app called Artifact named Systrom It is designed to evoke the three tenants of the project: Articles, Facts and Artificial Intelligence. In short, it’s a news aggregation app driven by a TikTok-like recommendation algorithm.

When you launch Artifact for the first time, you’ll see a central feed with articles from publications such as: new york timesThe app will start personalizing your feed as you read more articles. According to Systrom, the recommendation system her seven-person team at Artifact built prioritizes time spent reading about a particular subject over clicks and comments. He added that Artifact will feature news stories from both the left and the right, but the company does not allow posts that “promote falsehood.”

In the future, the app will also have a social component. Systrom and Krieger will roll out a feed highlighting articles from users you follow and comments on that content. Additionally, you can privately discuss posts via your direct message inbox. Systrom and Krieger are currently funding the project with their own money. Artifact, they say, is the first attempt to imagine what the next generation of social apps will look like.If you want to try what they created, you can join waiting list iOS and Android beta versions of the app. Systrom said the team plans to invite new users soon.

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